Best Japanese Restaurant In Abu Dhabi

Tucked away in the heart of Abu Dhabi lies a culinary gem that transports diners to the vibrant streets of Tokyo. The Best Japanese Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is not just a dining experience; it’s an immersive journey into the rich and diverse world of Japanese cuisine. From the moment you step through the doors, the tantalizing aroma of fresh sushi and sizzling yakitori beckons you to explore a menu brimming with authentic flavors and innovative dishes.

Zuma Abu Dhabi

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Game of two halves this venue and both of them were top class. Phenomenon levels of service in the restaurant which delivers great service alongside delightful food. One of our diners was Gluten Free and the levels of attention extended far beyond pointing out G’s on the menu.
Stuart McGachen

SushiArt - سوشي ارت - Galleria Mall

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We had lovely experience dining out in this branch, most especially the service of Jennelyn, she was very attentive and friendly, keep it up girl! In addition the food was so fantastic and deliciously tasteful.
Richard Bernabe

Samurai Japanese Restaurant

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Amazing Japanese Restaurant, food is super fresh. Japanese chef is perfect and knows exactly what he is doing very impressed. Ambient is very nice . Sushi is the best I ever had!
Issa Odeh Ahmed


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What a find this was! Toki is an authentic Japanese restaurant with a calm atmosphere and bountiful food choices. We tried five dishes and all were very good! Would especially recommend their otoshi, popcorn shrimp and spider roll. The service was great and all the waiters were willing to help with the choices.
Mia Dragović Matosović

Benihana Restaurant

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The food and the service was excellent. Chef Jordan was very entertaining and we had a lot of fun. The waitresses (Sasha & Sandeep) are very friendly and approachable.
Lore Ogad

KINSU Japanese Restaurant

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Great service from start to finsh. We did the Tuesday sushi night, went at 6.30pm which was good as not very busy. It started get busy after 7.30ish. So would recommend to book. Starters selection was great tasting, fresh and full of flavours. Lots of different sushi given which has great, different flavours and textures.
Aaron G

Cafe Sushi

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One of the best unlimited sushi promo I’ve had in a while. I enjoyed every single bite and you can definitely taste the freshness of it. Servers are also great and always efficient, happy and polite. Can’t wait to return and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for Japanese food.
Mark Bisda