Best Biryani Places In Abu Dhabi

Are you a biryani lover who is always on the lookout for the best biryani in town? Look no further than Abu Dhabi, where you will find some of the most delicious and authentic biryanis in the world. From the fragrant aroma of basmati rice to the perfect blend of spices, biryani is a dish that truly delights the senses.

In this article, we will take you on a journey through the best biryani spots in Abu Dhabi. We will give you a brief overview of each restaurant and highlight their signature biryani dishes. From traditional Pakistani and Indian biryanis to modern twists on this classic dish, we have got you covered.

To ensure that our recommendations are trustworthy, we have consulted with some of the top food critics and bloggers in Abu Dhabi. They have tasted and reviewed the biryanis at each of these restaurants, so you can trust their opinions.

So, are you ready to discover the best biryani in Abu Dhabi? Get your taste buds ready, and let’s dive into the world of aromatic and flavorful biryanis!

Student Biryani

Reviews 668
we order BBQ platter that is delicious in taste. biryani is ok 7/10 I will gave. but spicy. Haleem is good 8/10. they have amazing meal option for 1, 2 etc serving.. drinks also included
fizza pasha

Ritaj Restaurant

Reviews 4797

Users Review

I had chicken briyani last time it was very good in taste so next time we went with the another option available which was family pack for chicken briyani expecting the taste would be same but it was not, chicken pieces was very less, compare to the rice the gravy was less more dry rice. Quantity was good 4 to 6 people can eat.

Biryani Pot

Reviews 361

Users Review

Great to see an Indian restaurant in the UAE with a separate section on the menu just for vegan dishes. I saw this restaurant mentioned on the Happy Cow app and, because I currently work nearby, decided to check it out.
Martin Kubler

Perfect Biryani House Hyderabadi Restaurant

Reviews 493

Users Review

Kind of a good biriyani place in Electra, Abudhabi. I like the Mutton Sufiyani biriyani served by them. The quantity of a special biriyani is good enough for 2 or 3 people. but meat proportion is very poor for the price. Food taste is good, but neatness is not up to the mark. Staffs are really friendly. They serve bulk orders for parties.

Biryani Deccan Restaurant

Reviews 135

Users Review

Food was excellent at the starting of the Restaurant, Biryani was so good with excellent flavours. Tandoori chicken and Seekh kabab were mouth watering. But in the due course of time, taste of Biryani has drastically reduced in Quality and Quantity. No proper management by the Hotel staff always the prices and taste gets varies. Once used to be my Favorite Spot for Biryani and Kebabs, but now things all changed.
Tanveer Ahamed

Royal Biryani Restaurant

Reviews 121

Users Review

Royal Biryani Seef Mall Abu Dhabi means A Good Experience , I Feel Whoever Visits this Fabulous Restaurant will have the same feel what we had, From Ambience to their service which is well & professionally executed, Plenty of Non Veg && Veg ,
Tibu Thomas


Reviews 568

Users Review

Best place for eating Tamil biriyani, Yummy mouthwatering extremely delicious Biriyani! Quantity is highlight, Highly recommended place for Biriyani and the staffs are soo nice,
Shemi and Her Sweet Escapes

Pakwaan Foods

Reviews 263

Users Review

Pakwaan - Recommended by friend and went for dinner. Mix Grill was ultimate and totally worth, would have been great if they give bowl for gravy for Tandoor rotis. Grill is good blend of spices. Briyani chicken double masala was yummy and egg Briyani less masala couldn't enjoy to core. Super worth for pricey with zomoto pro
Srivignesh Rajamani

Nihal Restaurant

Reviews 1261

Users Review

Restaurent is quite clean, ambiance is good. Private rooms are there witch gives more privacy. Food is quite delicious too 😊chicken lollipop, mutton biryani and Arabic salad all were very tasty and fresh. Portion is good here. Staff are very friendly and extremely polite. Prices are reasonable and we get wide variety of food items here. Would like to visit here again
Preethi Ashok

Ambur Dum Biryani - Abu Dhabi

Reviews 79

Users Review

Ambur Biriyani is very famous in the south india. However, i think the restaurant Ambur Dum biriyani located in Abu Dhabi is completely different from tamil nadu style biriyani. I felt hyderabadi taste in the biriyani (very similar to hyderabad bites). Maybe its because two resturants are coming under one roof (Karachi city & Ambur Dum Biriyani).