Best Chaat In Abu Dhabi

Tantalizing aromas waft through the bustling streets of Abu Dhabi, drawing locals and tourists alike to indulge in the vibrant and flavorful world of chaat. As a beloved Indian street food, chaat offers a tantalizing mix of sweet, savory, tangy, and spicy flavors that dance on the taste buds with every bite. In the heart of this cosmopolitan city lies a treasure trove of culinary delights waiting to be explored by adventurous food enthusiasts seeking the ultimate chaat experience. From traditional favorites to modern twists, join us as we embark on an epicurean journey to uncover the best chaat spots in Abu Dhabi, where each mouthwatering morsel tells a story steeped in culture and tradition.

Chaat Junction

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For a Kerala guy who loves Chaat, this place is more like just a hype. We tried most of our favorite chaats from here but we like only the pani puri. Others like pappadi chaat and one more chaat they used a lot of dahi which reduces the actual taste of dish and become full in real quick.
Abhijith S

Mumbai Chat and Restaurant

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Mumbai chats are world famous Tried this place as food delivery to office. My collegue from mumbai based ordered some items for lunch time. It was good we tried pani puri, Cheeken kheem paav , bombay veg sandwich. Overall everything tasty and good
Nabeel Akram

Chaat Junction Restaurant

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Hey people 😊... Chaat Junction is cafeteria. Famous for chaat . All type of chaat is available in chaat Junction .price is reasonable comparatively others cafeteria.. or restaurant.. but taste is pretty good 😊👍.. they have fruit cream like sitafal,chikuoo, mango... And special falooda cream taste amazing 🍨🤩🤩.. must try ...🤩
Affrin Khan

chit chaat cafeteria

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Good place to have Sri Lankan foods
Amila Tharanga

Chaat Mahal Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

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A very nice place to have vegetarian food. Very difficult to find a good vegetarian restaurant in mussafah area. Good taste with reasonable prices.

Tea Time Cafeteria ( Delhi Chaat)

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Orange kulukki sarbath...was delightful drink..must try..
Insamam Basheer

Raj Bhog Sweets & Restaurant

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Had dinner at Raj Bhog. Excellent ambience and tidy place. Comfortable chairs with good food. Had varieties of snacks and main course and sweet lassi.
Jeyakumar Srinivasan

Tamil Chat Restaurant Branch

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If u love to eat South Indian tamilnadu food best place and price also great 👍 👌. Masala dosa , kalaki, vada and chutney delicious 😋 one of the best chutney I ever eat n uae. Thanks for good food.
sathish kumar