Best Ent Doctor In Abu Dhabi

Tucked away in the bustling city of Abu Dhabi lies a gem of expertise and care that has been transforming the lives of countless individuals struggling with ear, nose, and throat issues. As the heartbeat of this vibrant metropolis pounds on, so does the need for top-notch medical professionals who can provide comprehensive ENT solutions. Amidst this demand emerges a standout figure, an ent doctor whose reputation precedes him as the best in Abu Dhabi. Driven by a passion for healing and armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, this specialist has become synonymous with excellence in treating conditions that affect some of our most vital senses.

Reza Sodagar Clinic

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He is kind of our family Dcotor. MA SHA ALLAH extensive experience in EAR NOSE and THROAT.... He knows exactly what is the issue and resolve it. Highly recommended
A Z khan

Harley Street Medical Centre

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Excellent! Dr. Bernard is highly recommend. He is very thorough and professional. He takes all the time to explain any queries. We didn't feel rushed at all into making the decision to have an adenoidectomy done for my 4 year old. So happy we went with it!
Jyotsna Rebeiro

Adam & Eve | Electra Branch | Specialized Medical Center

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Highly recommend Dr. Ahmed Namshir. He and the staff did a great job with my braces as well as creating a comfortable environment. I felt welcomed with every visit. They were very helpful and encouraging throughout the process. Everyone was approachable and kind and took very good care of me. The end result was amazing and more than I had ever expected. Overall, the service provided was very professional, and I'm glad I got my braces done here.
Faiza A.H

Burjeel Hospital

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Five star hospitality with world class medical facility. Reception is well designed and designated to accommodate more patients. Buildings, Architecture, Interior, hospitality, treatment everything shows that they are unique.
Mohammed Anas

Medeor 24x7 Hospital - 24x7

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Ms. Laurence Tamayo was very accommodating and helpful. I was having a very bad and gloomy day but sheโ€™s very positive and that somehow made me feel better. Thank you so much! Thumbs up!
Hannah Roshen Jane

Seha Emirates Hospital

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Good and welcoming service.. They play calm music in waiting area and they talk to you and make you feel calm. They explain procedure very nicely. I went for MRI and again put some headphones with nice music to keep from hearing sounds of the machine.
K_to_ Mars

Phoenix Hospital

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I highly recommend this hospital. The employees are very kind and diligent. I went to see the Orthopedic doctor. at that time, the OPD was very busy, there were many patients at that time. the lady staff in the counter that time she is pregnant staff but she helped all the patients very kindly and diligently. At that time she was working alone at that counter.she also pushed my wheelchair to the doctor. i really appreciate that. Very good staff and very good hospital.
Jedel Tapic

LLH Hospital

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It's my first time and i had a worst experience ever i waited one and half hour to reach doctor and after admitting me in a room doctor came after 45 minutes done the injection and drip still waiting no one is coming to help
riasat yousaf

NMC Royal Hospital

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Outpatient clinics not bad. But worst decision to be admitted in hospital as one nurse and one doctor for all Pediatric section. You click on emergency button morning and they will come night. Never ever experienced this anywhere
Aref Al Hammadi