Best Fried Chicken In Abu Dhabi

As the sun sets over the glistening skyline of Abu Dhabi, the tantalizing aroma of sizzling fried chicken fills the air, beckoning both locals and visitors to embark on a culinary adventure. In a city where gastronomic experiences know no bounds, discovering the best fried chicken joints becomes an exhilarating pursuit for food enthusiasts. From crispy golden perfection to succulent juicy bites, uncovering Abu Dhabi’s hidden gems that boast this beloved comfort food is a quest filled with savory surprises and mouthwatering delights.

Crispy Chicken-Hamdan St

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The chicken they serve is always fresh and hot. The spices added indeed make it a delicious meal. Overall a good experience
emil alex

Raising Cane's

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Their chicken tenders was juicy and delicious. The fries was crunchy and their sauce was good. My son loves to eat here, he loves their chicken tenders so much. Hope their kiddie meal toy card will change because we have 3 cards the same already😄. The staff are friendly and nice. Hope they will open more branch on other malls. A must try fast food chain.

SFC Plus - Southern Fried Chicken

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A cozy restaurant right next to the road. It is possible to order one for home. They offer a variety of other hamburgers and snacks. We had rice that looked exactly like on the menu. We also got garlic dressing, which was excellent, and coleslaw salad, which was also excellent. I recommend.
Marcel Kucej

Chic Baik

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Bad experience. I ordered 8 pc's half spicy half normal. You can see from the pictures they came together. The chicken it self is old. Even it is hot. It is too salty. The tiny amount of garlic is funny.
Ammar Alroz

CFC Crown Fried Chicken

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Very good
mostafa elfawal

JJ Chicken - Al Falah Street

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Fried and grilled chicken are okay.. nothing special and I felt popeyes fried chicken is better than it. Humuss is so good there too.
Ayat Amr

Korean Kitchen Restaurant

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'Korean Kitchen' in Abu Dhabi is run by Korean entrepreneurs recreating some of Korea's favourite fast food and you know they are legit when you find a Korean couple dining in when we arrived. The smell of fried chicken filled the joint and we got down to the serious business of ordering.
Shayne Haridas (FoodwithShayne)

Paris Fresh Chicken restaurant

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An inconspicuous restaurant on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi. Large selection of fried chicken, sandwiches, baguettes and rice. The wait for the food is a little longer, but it is fresh and tasty. Big portions. The restaurant offers a variety of fresh fruit juices. I definitely recommend rice in different ways.
Marcel Kucej