Best Indian Schools In Abu Dhabi

Nestled within the vibrant cityscape of Abu Dhabi lies a network of educational institutions that seamlessly blend Indian culture with academic excellence. From fostering a deep appreciation for India’s rich traditions to providing top-notch modern education, these schools are a testament to the thriving Indian expatriate community in the United Arab Emirates. As parents seek the best possible educational journey for their children, the quest for finding the best Indian schools in Abu Dhabi becomes an essential part of their decision-making process. Whether it’s instilling values rooted in ancient wisdom or preparing students for global success, these schools stand out as pillars of holistic development and cultural preservation, making them an integral part of Abu Dhabi’s diverse educational landscape.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) – Best Indian International CBSE School in Abu Dhabi

Reviews 209

  • Bani Yas – Baniyas East – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

  • +97125079555

Users Review

Disappointed in the admission staff.
My child got judged in her assessment because she took time to hold a pencil, because she didn’t resite a poem, because she was soft spoken through she answered alternative alphabets number shapes and colors, because she showed little hesitant infront of strangers where i had to join here in the assessment.
Tania Fernandes

International Indian School – Abu Dhabi

Reviews 108

  • 42 Street – Bani Yas – Baniyas West – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

  • +97125854499
  • Home

Users Review

What attracted me to this school is the sincerity and caring nature of both teachers and management toward’s the holistic development of children. The school environment is quite safe, clean and has a great aura of positivity.
Ajish Aslam KN

GEMS United Indian School

Reviews 141

  • 42 nd, Baniyas West, Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

  • +97122059777

Users Review

We were very anxious when we shifted from Bangalore this year to Abu Dhabi, about the right school to find for our child.
We weren’t too sure when applying to Gems United if this was the right one, as it didn’t have many parental reviews. So I thought of writing this one after 3 months of our experience with this school, which could probably help other parents.
Nancy Stanley

Abu Dhabi Indian School Muroor

Reviews 203

  • Al – 23rd St., Salama Bint Butti St – Muroor Rd – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

  • +97124488025

Users Review

I would highly recommend not to join this place. Teachers never help students but is like self serve! How are smaller class students supposed to learn on their own?! Writing this review on behalf of someone who i know of. Kindly avoid this school if you would like some peace of mind. A school and its teachers should be respectful to their students not a torture and full of attitude.
Nish T