Best Korean Restaurant In Abu Dhabi

Are you in search of an unparalleled culinary experience that will transport your taste buds to the vibrant streets of Seoul? Look no further than Abu Dhabi’s hidden gem, the Best Korean Restaurant. Nestled in the heart of the city, this dining establishment offers a tantalizing fusion of traditional Korean flavors and modern gastronomic innovation. From sizzling bulgogi to savory kimchi pancakes, every dish is meticulously crafted to evoke the essence of Korea’s rich culinary heritage.


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I've heard good feedback about Madang Restaurant so why not to give a try. I've brought my Korean fanatic friend and we decided to try the cheese fondue.. this serving is big and it is good for 3 people. The fondue isss highly recommend. We also tried their famous chicken and It is to die for. Our mouth is drooling during our experience. Do I highly recommend it? I'll give a big YES to try it..
maria jose

Korean Kitchen Restaurant

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'Korean Kitchen' in Abu Dhabi is run by Korean entrepreneurs recreating some of Korea's favourite fast food and you know they are legit when you find a Korean couple dining in when we arrived. The smell of fried chicken filled the joint and we got down to the serious business of ordering.
Shayne Haridas (FoodwithShayne)

Manna Land Korean Restaurant

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It was my lunch break and I always eat in the office when one time my friend said, let’s eat out, so I said okay and we came here. I don’t know that this place do exists. The food is 10/10 and it’s affordable and I can’t even finish it.
Leah Liagh

Taon Korean Restaurant

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I attended the temporary opening event here. This will be the best restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The most Korean and old-fashioned Korean restaurant has been created in a five-star hotel.
jeayong choi

Mukbang Shows Restaurant Korean BBQ And Seafood

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Finally, I have tried Korean bbq here. First impression is warm welcoming from all staff (we are the first table that day) we ordered unlimited plus seafood buckets (89 per head), all food and sides were served promptly and the taste was good though.
Sedthakorn Timsawad

Hankook Restaurant

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This is my favorite korean restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The place is very cosy and the seating here is just like the traditional Korean restaurants. The food is very good!!! Everything in the menu is great! And most importantly, the service is amazing! My favorite dishes are: the kimchi fried rice, the spicy tteokbokki with ramen, and the kimchi jjigae.

The Taste Of Korea JinGoGae

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We had our dinner last night with @byaherotraveltourism Family we're happy and satisfied for the food that we had. Personally I love the egg vegetable pan cake 💙 & Beef BBQ.
Johnlerie Serrano

Casavill Korean Restaurant

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We ordered sweet and sour fried chicken and the regular fried chicken, the taste was amazing didn’t expect it to taste this good! Each meal came with a soft drink and a side of cabbage salad. The amount of the food is enough for two. This is the first time and definitely not the last !! 🤍 …
Aida Aiyod

The Skewers Restaurant

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First time tried the Korean food! All the food was so fresh and just delicious. The ambiance of the restaurant is exceptional. I loved the indoor area and cool interior of this place. What is more the staff is really friendly, and customer oriented what together with delicious meals and great atmosphere make the experience
Davidlivingstone Lima