Best Pancakes In Abu Dhabi

Imagine sinking your fork into a stack of pillowy soft pancakes, each bite bursting with flavors that transport you to culinary heaven. Whether you are an avid pancake enthusiast or simply someone seeking an indulgent breakfast experience, this guide will take you on a journey through the diverse and captivating world of pancake perfection in Abu Dhabi. So, get ready to expand your culinary horizons as we uncover the top spots where you can savor the very best pancakes that Abu Dhabi has to offer.

Denny's Diner

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The food is great, they have wide selection of breakfast menu available all day, serving size are good enough for sharing. The place is well lit and the ambience is very modern. We love the food and will definitley dine again. The staff are very accommodating as well.
Jasper Jayson Pernes

Cafe Arabia

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One of the best and tasty dynamic chicken I ever had. Never forget the grilled chicken with lemon and garlic. Great ambience with nice and relaxing music in the background makes the moment more enjoyable. Highly recommended with family and friends.s
Azam Khan

Café 302

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Had brunch and their food was amazing. Mocha was perfect balance of sweet from chocolate but also bitter from the espresso! I ordered their Belgian waffles that was huge and had the yummiest fruits on top. It came with maple syrup that balanced the tartness from the fruits!
Ghrycie Pauline Gil

Circle Cafe (Saadiyat Island)

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We went there with friends, and tried their "All yiu can eat breakfast" which is 65 for adults, and 35 for kids. It was great, and delicious 😋, we ordered around 5 plates each, and we love it all. Really woth it. …
Mohammad Emar

Brunch & Cake

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Very aesthetically pleasing interiors in pink and yellow pastels. The servers are wonderful and attentive. Food was delicious but the portion sizes are massive!! It may be a good thing for some and not so much for the others :-D. I was shocked at the size of my Croque Madame; was able to have it for 3 more meals! 100% recommend the vanilla latte.
Chinchu Jayaprakash

No. Fifty Seven Boutique Café

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I am really disappointed and surprised how no.57 cafe quality dropped. It has been a very long time since i had a very bad experience and poor quality food in abu dhabi. None of the items ordered are close to ok, except for the fries to be fair. Service was ok, one of the staff was ok the other one was not welcoming at all.
Saoud Al Shamsi

THE One Bistro

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Spent our Christmas eve dinner in this quiet and cozy place recommended by my mother. What made it even more nice is how welcoming and helpful Atish was. Food was great but my favorite would be what my sister ordered - the pesto pasta and the cheese balls. Service was fast and the staff are really warm and always smiling.
Trix Gerero

The Third Place Cafe

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Just saw this on the web and wanted to try out a cafe that serves breakfast meals that is served even at a later day. To see reviews isa one thing but to experience it,is a validation. Ambience is really quiet and relaxing to enjoy their food. Fairly priced. I enjoyed everything on my plate and drinks.
wootwoot joma