Best Pizza In Abu Dhabi

Tucked away in the bustling streets of Abu Dhabi lies a hidden treasure for pizza enthusiasts – an article dedicated to uncovering the best pizza spots in this vibrant city. From the sizzling aroma of freshly baked dough to the tantalizing blend of gooey cheese and savory toppings, Abu Dhabi offers a diverse array of pizzerias that cater to every craving and preference. Whether you’re a traditionalist who swears by classic margheritas or an adventurous foodie seeking innovative flavor combinations, this culinary journey through the capital’s pizza scene promises to ignite your taste buds and leave you yearning for more.


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Pizza was amazing and it’s recommended for family and friends who want to hang out. The staff, Saber, very friendly and a fun guy. Thanks for making pizza express great by having people like Saber

NKD Pizza • Abu Dhabi

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😋Remember : you can get this pizzas deliver to your doorsteps through nkd pizza in Abu dhabi!! 🍕 . . In frame : 1.Omnivore pizza 2.Tandoori chicken pizza 3.Pesto Foccacia 4.Vegqn Brownie
Komal Am

Pizza Di Rocco

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I thought I'd give Pizza Di Rocco a try, based on the positive reviews from other vegans on HappyCow, and ordered a vegan Margherita Funghi pizza for delivery. I liked it. The base could have been a bit crispier for my liking, but perhaps that was due to the delivery. The taste was good and I'll certainly order again or stop by for dining in.
Martin Kubler

ORO Pizzeria

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Came here for late lunch, ordered their smash burger which was very good, also tried their tartufa pizza, and picante and Mexican spicy, the both tartufa and picante were good, didn't like the Mexican. No seating inside so we sat outside, lots of flies. Service was very good.
Shammes Al Shamsi

Il Forno Restaurant, Abu Dhabi Mall

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Had a meal full of delicious dishes and absolutely high quality food! Check out my recommendations below (p.s- the Ravioli stole my heart)
mona asrani

Sliced Pizza‎

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Fresh Taste. Light as air dough. Delicous yet simple ingredients all done in one Italian style Pizza oven. The result was...I ate 8 pizza slices out of the 3 boxes we ordered! We had the Half and half garlic cheese +the roni pizza, the margherita and then a full " the roni " Pizza.
Sam Lagrimas (Sera23)

Papa Murphy's Pizza restaurant

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Pizza came totally burnt and you can clearly see it in the picture , it taste disgusting , i cannot believe they sent this to me , it was obvious that it got burn still they sent it , i will never order from here again.
Youssef Bouzid