Best Seafood Restaurant In Abu Dhabi

Picture yourself seated at a table overlooking the azure waters, as skilled chefs craft exquisite dishes using only the finest locally sourced seafood. Each bite is a symphony of tastes – delicate yet robust, familiar yet surprising. Whether you’re a connoisseur of classic fish and chips or crave an adventure with innovative seafood creations, this restaurant promises to delight even the most discerning palate. Join us as we dive into what makes this establishment stand out as the unrivaled champion of seafood dining in Abu Dhabi.

Dampa Seafood Grill - Abu Dhabi

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Quite affordable for a seafood place. Unlimited warm rice to go with their well-seasoned food. Good service from the staff. Finished off with ice scramble, a light dessert after a rich meal.
Ryza S

Off The Hook Seafood Restaurant

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Place is cool Staff are friendly and welcoming Outside parking not much spots, but you can park anywhere around and walk to the shop.
Ahmad Hassan

Finz Restaurant

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A must for those who want to enjoy the finest fish in a unique atmosphere by the sea. Fresh from the sea. Ask for the "Catch of the day". It already starts at the reception. The friendliness of the staff and the excellent service make the evening an experience. We (ourselves all from the catering industry) are of the opinion, one of the best Fiachrestaurants ever. We are all looking forward to the next culinary experience here.
Natalia Scalet


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We ate bowl for 3 . very delicios and good price . Totally we paid 190 aed . We ll back
Taner Isik

Aquarium Restaurant

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Great location overlooking the Yas Marina , excellent food and service. We were at the Aquarium Restaurant over the weekend and really enjoyed it. The lady looking after was Ethel and she was great and the food was brilliant. We highly enjoyed it and definitely will be back again .
Alex Naumov

Catch at St. Regis

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One of the best fine dining experiences of my life. We sat outside in their beautiful courtyard beside the water feature, and marveled at the view of the surrounding buildings. The wait staff was very attentive but not hovering.
James Keeler

Shawaia AlBahar Seafood & grills Restaurant

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Good food at reasonable price. Clean restaurant and friendly staff. The food is presented well, freshly cooked and tasty.
Abdul Omooba