Best Security Companies In Abu Dhabi

As the thriving metropolis of Abu Dhabi continues to expand and evolve, the need for robust security services has become increasingly vital. From safeguarding high-profile events to protecting prominent individuals and securing commercial establishments, the demand for top-notch security companies in Abu Dhabi has never been more crucial. In this article, we will delve into the dynamic landscape of security firms in the capital city, highlighting the best-in-class companies that are setting new standards for safety and protection.

Star Security Services L.LC.

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Very bad experience security don't know how talk with people, he has to learn that how to deal with people's
uaeglass replacement


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Dear sir. I want to serve in your company. I have 17 years experience in office as administrator and accountant in force of Pakistan. Please give me a chance
Dilawar Khan

Emirates Gateway Security Services LLC.

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Even though I am new comer to this company , I am absolutely impressed by the quality of the management and specifically the recruitment process and follow ups. I love the ambience of the EGSS main office and their exemplary operation strategies. Thanks for the EGSS team.
Augustine Joseph

Al Jaber Coin Security Group LLC

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The Best Security Company in UAE. I feel my self lucky that i am a part of this company. In every field that are performing well. May Allah give alot of success to Al Jabir Coin Security Group.
Jawad khan

Professional Security Systems

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I have exprince in Aljaber security company Abudhabi more than 6 years I have 10 years exprince in Abans company sri lanka as store keeper .
Saranga Liyanage

United Security Group LLC

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I have a bad bad bad experience with one of the staff of your company his behaviour is like he is the owner of the company he is in aswaaq mall in mizher in night shift he is from Pakistan and I have information that he is there for many many years in this location please do need full because his behaviour and attitude is not good for your company hope management should take notice for this complaint
Farhat Abbas

Emirates Security Services L.L.C

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Ms. Emirates National Security Services. Your security guard (pitcher below) work in ETDI in main office warsan Dubai. They really don’t know how to deal with people. They insult everyone students and visitors. Kindly improve the training for your security guards
Faisal Jiany

Royal Falcon Security

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Guards are arrogant and not knowledgeable. Their ability to communicate properly is greatly lacking. Some room for improvement here in both hiring and training.
Performance Golf

Securiguard Middle East Head Office

Reviews 113

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This morning I went to hiddad Al sadiyat and I found 3 security from this company and I saw one holding a tab oh I knew that this was the lane I had to use but unfortunately they told me that reverse your car a go to visitors lane because am black one of them Pakistan guy called me (kala) which means black in their conversation. And he said kala we protect people like him from stealing the residents 😕 really? Is this how thus company treat us?