Best Shawarma In Abu Dhabi

From sizzling street vendors to chic eateries, each establishment boasts its own secret recipe and unique flair when it comes to crafting the perfect shawarma. Whether you’re drawn to traditional flavors or seeking a contemporary twist on this timeless classic, there’s no shortage of options to satisfy your cravings for this delectable delight. Join us as we embark on an epicurean journey through the streets of Abu Dhabi in search of the best shawarma spots that promise to elevate your dining experience to new heights.

Best Shawarma Cafeteria

Reviews 15

  • E10 – Al Danah – Zone 1 – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

  • +971522355600

Users Review

Bad Experience. I ordered Shawarma and specifically told to send pickles with it. They forgot to deliver the pickles and later said that ran out of pickles. Fried chicken delivery takes more than 40 mins for delivery.
Sandip Kashid

Shawarma Time

Reviews 593

  • 521 شارع فاطمة بنت مبارك – Al Danah – Zone 1 – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

  • +97126336633

Users Review

Love this place since day 1. You can try a variety of grill chicken, classic shawarma, as a sandwich or a full platter, pizza, fresh juice. The calories description on the menu gives you an option to measure your intakes. Adding tiny modifications to the food like making it spicy is no problem.
Neelam Priya

Shish Shawerma Corniche

Reviews 54

  • Behind Corniche Towers – Beeshan St – Al Bateen – W10 – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

  • +97126505576

Users Review

Stopped for a quick lunch. This is a fast food shawarma place. Think McDonald’s but shawarma, and the fries aren’t nearly as good. We got a beef combo and a chicken combo. I usually get chicken at home, but of the two, the beef was far better. Check your teeth before you leave as there is green stuff (parsley?) in the beef that can get caught in your teeth.
Ted Eckman

Shawarma Street

Reviews 212

  • F8FX+7G5 – khalidia – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

  • +97126667080

Users Review

Shawarma was very good. For my South American taste I did add a bit more salt. Meat was tender and tasty. I will return for sure. Service is very efficient.
Antonio Medina

Bait El Khetyar -Najdah

Reviews 3012

  • شارع فاطمة بنت مبارك – Al Danah – Zone 1 – Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates

  • +97126333200

Users Review

It’s always busy so if you want to dine in better come on weekdays. Food are tasty no wonder that’s why they are busy always. Great serving and great staff. I ask to put my avocado juice in take away cup and its really cute. Love it!.
Kathrine Quiambao (Kathie)