Kourtney Kardasian and Environmental Working Group are raising awareness for cosmetic safety reform.

 " You shouldn't have to walk around aimlessley asking , is this ok, is that ok " Clean Beauty advocate, Kourtney Kardashian raised global awareness with the Environmental Working Group on Cosmetics Safety. " Everybody should have the right to healthy beauty products " 

Last month in Washington DC, Kourtney Kardashian, alongside the Environmental Working Group, met with legislators to advocate for the Personal Care Products Safety Act—a bill that calls for FDA regulation (for the first time in 80 years) on cosmetics and beauty products in the United States. 

Having a huge celebrity like Kourtney Kardashian raise awareness on the matter alongside Environmental Working Group will reach a new demographic of consumers. Now more than ever consumers care about what they put on their skin, if it contains certain chemicals and so forth.


 Image Source: Kourtney Kardashian Instagram 

The federal law designed to ensure that personal care products are safe hasn't been changed for a staggering 80 years. Why is this a cause for concern?

The current laws leave the federal government powerless to screen personal care products for chemicals that have been linked in recent years to cancer,  severe allergies, among other health and reproductive effects. 

 Image Source: EWG Instagram

If this is a cause that you would like to get involved in and help make a change please visit Environmental Working Groups website and educate your self further with their resources. Their TAKE ACTION page allows you to "Tell The Senate" to support the "Personal Care Products Safety Act". 

Remember right now in the United States any ingriedient can be put in personal care products, no matter how much research has been done to suggest otherwise that it is a dangerous carcinogenic. By supporting the act the brands and manufacturers will have to follow set guidelines to ensure the products that reach our face and hair are safe for all.



By Lucy Chan 


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