Clean Up Your Sunscreen With The Organic Pharmacy

The Guardian  reported in 2017 that oxybenzone, a common widely used chemical in sunscreen contributes to coral bleaching and leaving our reefs deformed over a prolonged period of time.

Biologists have found that oxybenzone not only contributes to bleaching, but it has a similar effect on DNA to gasoline, and disrupts reproduction and growth, leaving young corals fatally deformed. You can read more about the report conducted here

What can we do to help protect our oceans this summer from sunscreen? Firstly we need to wear sunscreen to protect our skin from strong sunshine rays. The Organic Pharmacy use Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide in their SPF range. These two ingriedients act in a completley different way to chemical based sunscreens, then main point of difference being that they sit on the skin to reflect the sunrays away.

Up to 14,000 tones of sunscreen containing oxybenzone such chemicals end up destructing and devestating our coral reefs and ocean eco systems each year...... Imagine how much that is over a decade. 

We need to educate one another about these harmful chemicals found in sunscreens. A great tip to make a change is having a look at the ingriedients on your current sunscreen or sunscreen you are about to purchase. Each person can make a difference

The Organic Pharmacy SPF range is available at Beautiful Brands. Check it out here

Contains Titanium Dioxide & Zince Oxide - environmental friendly sunscreen for all the family.


By Lucy Chan 


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