The Curly Girl Method

What is it?

Beautiful Brands is on a mission to bring you the best advice for natural, organic beauty methods! 

The curly girl method was developed in a handbook that was written by Lorraine Massey and published in 2010. Massey encourages all the curly girls out there to embrace the beauty of their curls and replace damaging hot tools and harsh chemicals in advertised hair brands with healthy habits and organic products which would nurture their curl patterns.  It is a very simple 3 step process that will work for you whether you have wavy, curly or coily hair!

Step 1:

Using the no-poo method to clean you scalp basically means avoid using shampoos and only use a generous amount of conditioner while massaging your scalp with your fingers. If you cannot leave out shampoo from your hair care regimen then you would probably want to look for one that does not contain harsh chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, Polyethelyne Glycol, parabens, Diethanolamine (DEA) and Triethanolamine (TEA). All these typical ingredients and many others cause a lot of damage to the hair strands, leading the curls to frizz and lose their pattern. we would recommend you use products from brands like Rahua which is 100% organic, natural and free of toxins. Plus, its ingredients are, vegan, rainforest grown and gluten free.  Therefore, your hair won’t be thirsty and dried out when you come out of the shower. It is very important as well that you do not wash your hair more than once a week cause otherwise you would be stripping your hair from its natural oils.

Step 2:

If you plan on using an organic shampoo, use an equally healthy conditioner and you can choose to not fully wash it out of your hair. After you rinse, squeeze all the excess water out and use a leave in conditioner followed by a natural hair gel to keep your curls in shape. The best type of gel to use in this case would be Aloe Vera since it can easily be washed off using only water. Rahua has two wonderful products that can serve the latter purpose. One is the cream based finishing treatment which strengthens the hair strands and provides a weightless glossy finish. The second product is the medium hold hair spray which locks out frizz and reduces the side effects of UV rays.

Step 3:

After implementing step 2, you can use a micro fiber towel specifically made for hair or a 100% cotton shirt. Avoid using the traditional towels on your hair because they have a rough surface that can eradicate the hair cuticle and promote frizz production. Then, blot and scrunch your hair using the micro fiber towel or cotton shirt. Finally, part your hair in the opposite direction from where you intend to part it. Once it dries flip it in the opposite direction and you will have the most voluminous, curl defined hair ever!

How to refresh your curls on no-wash day?

First, DO NOT COMB CURLY HAIR. Only do so on the day you decide to wash it and immediately before your bath. If you brush your curls, they will lose definition and become frizzy. Therefore, wet only the hair strands that have lost their curl pattern and then apply a leave in conditioner or an Aloe Vera gel while scrunching and twirling the strand around your finger to form the direction of the curl. 


Give the Curly Girl Hair method a try! We would love to hear what you think! Did it work for you?



Written by Mai Elsayed