4 Ways To Make Small Changes

Plastic was first developed in 1907, in over a century plastic has become for some a life essential. Plastic has proved to be endlessly useful, it has enabled the world to manufacture and multiply at cheaper costs for the rising demand in bags, bottles, toys, transportation parts and much more. The useses for plastic never seems to end, or have we just become accustomed to a world that thinks it needs plastic for everything. Look around you as you read this blog, I can guarentee there is plastic within a few feet from you. Whether it's on your shoes, holding your phone together or packaging your lunch! 

Fast forward to 2018 and plastic is proving to be a major global problem. The durable quality of plastic was the unique selling point that sold it to the world! However this durabilty is posing as a huge threat to land and sea, with microplastics covering whole areas of ocean and killing our beautiful marine life. 

1. At Home - Fix It & Reuse

Avoid throwing away appliances when they break to replace with new plastic ones. FIX them! Why not make your own condiments to save buying plastic bottled alternatives. There are so many great recipes online, not only healthier but eco friendly too! 

2. At Work - Encourage The Team

If you work in an office, chances are you are surrounded by plastic. So why not encourage your team to re think plastic pens, and printing endless pieces of paper, to put in plastic folders. Reuse packaging and encourage the team with recycable bins for waste. Every step and person can make a difference. 

3. Personal Care Alterations

Check your personal care items for microbeads. If your facial scrubs contain these, its time to think again. These microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic and have been banned in several countries. Source a facial / body scrub that is microbead free such as Urban Veda . A bar of soap is has more longevity than a shower gel, shampoo in a plastic bottle. Grown Alchemist's Body Cleansing Bar lasts over a month, longer than most bottles of shower gel. 

How much toilet paper must we go through a year. The answer would be in the multiples. Most of the toilet paper we buy is wrapped in plastic too. Why not source a brand that gives back ? Who Gives A Crap's recycable toilet paper brand does exactly that. 50% of their profits are used to build toilets, their toilet roll contains no chlorine, inks or dyes. 

4. Gift Giving 

Sometimes we receive gifts that we do not truly need and a lot of the time they are packaged and made with plastic. Let your friends and family get creative. Perhaps let them know in a thoughtful way your thoughts on plastic. Instead they could gift you by donating to your chosen charity. Remember receiving a gift can be to help the world and others around you. Make a difference.

Let's Save Our Ocean.. Together

We must act now to save our oceans from the plastic that is suffocating our seas. Charity WWF is dedicated to raising the awareness on " Why We Must Act Now To Save Our Ocean " 


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By Lucy Chan