Essential Oils for Summer

Essential oils have an endless list of health benefits, especially in the summer season. They can reduce water retention, prevent sun damage and soothe burns and cure jet lag. Take a natural approach to your beauty care this summer and add our top four essential oils to your travel liquids! These compact concerntrated liquids will be your favourite scent for summer 2018!


Grapefruit Oil

Balance your summer mood and relieve topical wounds with citrusy sweet Grapefruit Oil. Apply some of this wonder oil to your neck and wrists to relieve water retention and metabolize fat! Grapefruit Oil blends beautifully with Ylang Ylang if you wish to use this oil alongside another in a diffuser for ultimate relaxation after a long summers day. Read more about the amazing benefits of Grapefruit Oil at Style Crazes Blog



Cypress Oil

Reduce swelling and enhance circulation with some drops of Cypress Oil. This is our favourite essential oil to use on those long haul flights. The oil is also a cooling astrigent too ( add a few drops to the bath after a day at the beach )and ideal for people who sweat easily and have chronic congestion. We adore mixing Cypress Oil with Sandalwood for a deep alluring scent. Cypress Oil is pretty magical stuff, check out Natural Food Series  dedicated article for a more indepth look.




Peppermint Oil

Are you adventuring to a tropical climate this summer with lots of bugs and insects. Be sure to have some peppermint oil with you to fight away bites and prevent them too. Apply some peppermint oil to the back of your neck to relieve itching and instantly cool off. If you are struggling with jet lag peppermint oil can aide sleep as well. The list is endless to the benefits of peppermint oil Style Craze have put together this awesome blog for you to learn about all the benefits too.



Lemon Oil 

Avoid fluid retention with a few doses of lemon oil. Lemon Oil has cooling, antiseptic, antidepressant, diuretic, and antioxidant loaded properties making it one of the most versatile oils there is. Combine with water and use as an all natural hand sanitizer too. All things Mama has put together an exstensive list for lemon oil use! 


Where can you buy essential oils in the UAE? Our go to places are Neals Yard, Carrefour, The Organic Foods and Cafe and any pharmacy! Enjoy 




By Lucy Chan 


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