Finding ways to add more nutrition to your diet naturally can be a huge task, there are so many fads and options in the 21st century. At Beautiful Brands we love researching superfoods that can add amazing health and beauty benefits. For the past year we have been adding one of China's best kept beauty secrets to our recipes, Goji Berries. 

Their history began as a medicinal plant in Ancient China, for centuries these powerful berries have been used to treat liver and kidney problems. Goji Berries are an excellent source of minerals and vitamins, they contain all 8 amino acids. If you are lacking in Vitamin A and C, Fiber , Iron and Zinc, Goji Berries are your go to ! Who would have thought there could be so much power in these tiny chewy red berries. 



Adding two or more servings of Goji Berries a day to your diet is essential for optimum health benefits. Powerful Goji Berries when added to your food or drink is the #1 food for oxygen radical absorbance capacity, this measures the antioxidant levels in your food. Increasing the amount of antioxidant foods ( by adding a sprinkle of Goji's ) can protect your cells from damage, maximize energy levels and even increase fertilty. Here are five ideas of adding Goji Berries to your exisiting diet:

1. TEA - Simply add a small portion of berries to your tea, works better with a herbal tea such as green or jasmine. Let them brew for 4 minutes and enjoy

2. PROTEIN - Adding Goji Berries to your turkey or chicken recipe not only tastes unique and delicious but because of the Vitamin C content your body will absorb the meats iron easier too. Win Win!

3. SNACKING - Dried Goji Berries are a great energy booster, they have a sweet yet salty texture ( almost like raisins ) . Add a handful to a trail mix of nuts and seeds for a mid afternoon energy boost.

4. JUICING - Goji Berries help aid weight loss when used with a healthy eating and fitness plan. Check out this Goji Juice recipe for an idea.

The best quality Goji Berries we have found in Dubai are at Ripe Fresh, Spinneys and in the health section at Carrefour. 



Our favourite Ayurvedic brand Urban Veda contains active botanical ingredients, their Radiance range which is formulated to balance the Vata Dosha contains Goji Berries. The Radiance range is packed with fruit enzymes bursting with antioxidants to protect your skin against free radicals, whilst ensuring skin hydrated and cleansed. 



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By Lucy Chan