Breath connects our mind and our body. Every breath we take is filled with life and energy, and every time we consciously breathe we are taken back to the present moment. We usually take for granted the importance of breathing, the power of our breath and how it regulates our nervous system. When we consciously breathe, we inhale life, peace, love and all the positive things we wish into our lives.


Aromatherapy works primarily through our sense of smell and each essential oil has a different frequency of vibration and healing power that enables us to balance our emotions. Our emotions arise from different energy centers within our bodies, for they deal with different energies and life traumas.


Balanced Guru’s Energy line contains 7 blends especially formulated to deal with different emotional issues in each of our energy centers. Each blend is named after the light or the shadow of each center. Starting from our most primal emotions like fear, guilt, power, and love, leading into more personal and spiritual issues like truth, intuition and knowledge.


Tips to balance your energies:


  • Find a place and time of the day where you can find peace, meditate and breathe consciously for a few minutes. Hopefully in time, this becomes a daily practice.


  • Acknowledging our emotions and state of being is the first step to either overcoming or letting go of our emotions. Follow your emotions without judgment and apply Balanced Guru’s most appropriate Energy mist or blend according to your emotions. Apply them to inner wrists, rub, and inhale deeply. You can also apply to where you feel the discomfort of your emotions.


  • When strong feelings of anxiety, frustration, anger, sadness or any other uncomfortable emotion start to arise, close your eyes and know and trust that this too will pass. That no emotion is permanent and that you are not identified by how you feel. You may use Balanced Guru’s Energy mists to spray a room or space to help you feel more at ease.


  • Before you go to bed, spray a little bit of your favorite energy mist on your pillow to help you relax and sleep better.


  • Connect with nature and spend time outdoors, walk barefoot on the grass or on the sand, go for a swim or a run. Nature is a great teacher and healer.




Contributed by Balanced Guru