Renowned Australian brand, Grown Alchemist heads to the UAE with its new generation of organic skincare and body care products that are made from 100% percent natural ingredients. Beautiful Brands are thrilled to have this iconic brand in our beauty portfolio. With a worldwide cult following of beauty enthusiasts and skincare professionals, 


Grown Alchemist comprises of natural technologies that have revolutionised the traditional approach to anti-aging skincare and body care. The reason Grown Alchemist products work so well is a matter of biology. In science labs across London, Paris and Melbourne, the brand analyses the biology of skin cells and optimizes the function of the skin to ensure that its natural but scientific ingredients work in harmony to achieve an improved and healthy skin. The brand boasts of transformative natural ingredients such as Collagen and Elastin boosting actives, advanced Neuro-Peptides, Tetra-Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Cell-Communicating actives, powerful Antioxidants and advanced hydrating actives which are compatible with human biology and have the ability to regenerate beauty with superior results.


Grown Alchemist’s product range which are engineered from a balance of nature and science includes everything from facial oils to exfoliators and even hand repairing and nourishing creams. Highlights include the: Orange and Vanilla Hand Cream, Hydra Repair Day Cream, Detox Serum and Age Repair Gel Mask.


With a worldwide cult following of beauty enthusiasts and skincare professionals, we look forward to seeing Grown Alchemist flourish in the Middle East. SHOP the range here.