No Matter Your Obstacles Live A Positive Life - Unknown

Have you ever started your day blaming the side of the bed you got up from, telling your self in the mirror you don't want to go to work, you hate all your clothes and you feel fat! By the time you have reached your work you spilt your coffee, your access card didnt work and the your team mates are moaning about targets! How can you face another day of this. A customer calls and you don't want to deal with it, they get more irate and your day is ruined when they put the phone down on you. By the time you reach home you cannot be bothered to go to the gym or meet with friends, your day was just to rubbish, you don't want to put your friends through the misery of a day with you, especially after your day!

Does this sound familiar? Could it be how you started your day mentaly as opposed to the chain of events that led up to your day being ruined? Lets start the morning again with a postive outlook, add these steps to your day to make a difference in your point of view.


I am grateful to wake up and know I have another chance - Unknown

Every day you wake up is another day to change the way you see the world. Having an attitude of gratitude is key for a positive point of view. It all begins the second you wake up. Be grateful for another day to switch your thinking and existance. There is always something to be grateful for. A healthy family, the present day and the air we breath. Use today as a new day to set the tone.

Ways to show gratitude:

Buy your self a small note pad or some post it notes. Write yourself memos and leave them around the house or in your purse to look at . Remembering to have gratitude is the first step.


You must make the choice, to take a chance, if you want anything in life to change - Unknown

We live in a unique position to have the ability to change and make choices. We are so passive to the fact that we have freedom , we take it well and truly for granted. How different would your day be if you woke up with a heart ful of gratitude and made a proactive choice to have a brighter out look on the day? 

Ways to make new choices:

When you feel that wave of negativity impacting your daily descions , ask your self do you have a choice on how you will react to this. Do you want to take a chance and have a more positive outlook on the small grievences in your day? Trust us you will start to feel better. The glass is always half full ! 


The less you respond to negative people the more positive your life will become - Unknown

 Negativity is the devil in disguise. Being around negativity is a drain and rubs off on all those having to endure it. If your family members and work collegues can only see the negative BLOCK IT OUT. Or if its you that is negative maybe you haven't realised. Do you always think of why something will go wrong ? Why it won't work? Why you won't get promoted? 

Ways to make new choices: 

Actively start to banish negativity from your life by blocking out negative people. Do the people you talk to when they moan ever listen when you challenge their constant drone? If you are thinking negative thoughts take a step back to gratitude and remember what you are grateful for. Look for a positve in every negative. Small steps make a difference. 


Happiness is only real when shared - Unknown

All those negative people at work , in life, moaning about the small problems - share your new outlook with them. If they shun you away and don't want to listen - hey no worries! Not every one is as postive and happy go lucky like you. But for the handful of people you can help make a difference to , to change their out look on life! Well done remember happiness is only real when shared! 



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By Lucy Chan