Are sythentic ingriedients harming children?

‘Children absorb much more than adults in proportion to their body weight. So, chemicals that affect the hormone system, such as artificial sunscreens and parabens, can put their system out of balance.’ Margo Marrone tells Mother & Baby Magazine.

‘Pesticides are some of the most poisonous chemicals around. They can disrupt your and your family’s hormones, damage organs and attack the nervous system. This can cause tiredness, mood swings, insomnia, bad skin, body odour, digestive problems, weight gain and dark circles. The list is endless.’


How can we change which ingriedients we use on children?


‘Eczema, acne, rosacea and psoriasis can be treated with homeopathy, detox, healthy living and herbal medicine.' The best thing we can do as parents is to keep a watchful eye on the ingriedients exchanged on our children's skin is to be mindful of what chemials to avoid.

Tree Hugger have put together this informative article of ingriedients to avoid for childrens products READ HERE

The Beautiful Brands team have also put together a list of ingriedients that we do not promote in our products READ HERE


Where to shop Organic in Dubai 

Luckily now in Dubai there is an abdunace of Organic living options. Here is a list of ideas on where to find organic produce, products in Dubai.

Grocery Shopping - Organic Foods and Cafe, Ripe Fresh, Green Heart UAE. Most chain supermarkets carrefrour and Spinneys offer a selection of Organic Foods and produce.

Skincare / Baby products - Beautiful Brands, Mumzworld . Most pharmacies have a fantastic range of Organic and chemical free products too.

 Best Organic brands for all the family - The Organic Pharmacy , Rahua Beauty , Grown Alchemist , Konjac Sponge Company



By Lucy Chan 


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