As I approached my thirties I noticed that my skin started to become problematic. I was lucky in my twenties to be blessed with good genes as my skincare regime was terrible. I would literally wipe makeup off with any facial wipes going and use whatever body cream I was using on my face too! It wasn’t until a couple of weeks before my 30th I noticed that this regime wasn’t going to stand the test of time for the next decade. My face had started to become dry, easily irritated and dull. Those ones puffy cheeks were now seriously lacking in collagen. I have never been swayed by botox and decided to research more into a skin detox. Around this time I was introduced to the ever evolving world of Organic Beauty thanks to my new job at Beautiful Brands as Social Media Manager. I am now 32 and can confidently say I am happy with my skin!


Start as you mean to go on with a strong multi masking combination. I always start a new week with an Enzyme Peel. Why? Because an Enzyme peel can achieve all your skins pain points in one mask! Enzyme peels speed up the process of skin cell replacement to bring forth newer, plumper cells and to rid the skin of the older, dead cells. This is exfoliation on fast forward. I recommend The Organic Pharmacy's Enzyme Peel Mask With Vitamin C and Papaya. You will feel a little tingly and slightly red after this mask. This is because the top layer of your skin has been removed and will make way for new beautiful skin cells. This is an all natural process that I conduct weekly.


My next recommendation is a skin detox trick that works for me. After I have removed all the Enzyme Peel mask I add a generous layer of The Organic Pharmacy's Honey & Jasmine Mask. This mask is packed with active ingredients that penetrate the skin. Ingredients include Evening Primrose, Shea Butter, Honey, Rose hip and Jasmine; helping to restore elasticity and deeply nourish dry dehydrated skin. I leave this mask over night and let my skin drink it up. When I wake up on Sunday morning for work my skin feels ready to start the week


Wearing foundation everyday could be ruining your skin, causing breakouts and enabling premature skin ageing. Let your skin breath and be brave without makeup. Often we wear heavy foundation to cover pores and blemishes. Embrace them but also use the time without makeup to diminish them! Be confident to let your skin have a break. If you don't want to be completely makeup free then a tinted moisturiser with SPF is a suitable alternative to foundation. Grown Alchemist's Tinted Hydra Repair Day Cream is formulated with active ingredients to hydrate the skin without leaving residual oil or shine, refining skin texture leaving the complexion looking luminous, flawless, and natural. A winner for a light coverage whilst sticking to the Makeup free skin detoxing rule!


Beauty Sleep is not a myth. Combine the two with a soothing tea such as Chamomile that aids a better nights sleep. Tea has been used for centuries as a secret to more glowing skin. Tea can help reduce inflammation, reduce the effects of UV damage and keep your skin hydrated. Having tea without milk is recommended as it dilutes the benefits of tea. Other teas that are great for your skin are Jasmine Tea, Oolong Tea, Rooibos Tea and Black Tea. I try to drink plenty of tea or lemon water daily to keep my skin nourished


Daily we blast our precious skin with aircon in various environments such as the office, on public transport and at home. This is a huge factor in dehydrating your skin. To prevent a dry out add a rich facial oil to your skincare routine. Why? Once a facial oil is applied, the skin is power-packed with essential fatty acids, which rebuild the hydrolipidic film, strengthen the skin and  lock the moisture in to avoid a constant battle of water evaporation and skin dehydration. I love to apply facial oil in the evening instead of a night cream. An antioxidant enriched oil helps replenish your skin for the future, such as Grown Alchemist Anti- Oxidant Facial Oil Rosehip & Cameilia Seed or The Organic Pharmacy's Skin Rescue Oil

I hope my skin detox 2018 will inspire you to add to your current regime or change an aspect of it to suit you!



By Lucy Chan