The Organic Pharmacy Strech Mark Oil Review

Being pregnant for the first time you are overwhelmed with the products, brands and advice on offer! The minute people find out you are pregnant you will be sure to get advice on at least one topic of parenthood interest. Some unwelcome , whilst other snippets of advice are like gold. My advice is to hang on to the good advice that stands out.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the founder of The Organic Pharmacy, Margo Marrone. When I told her I was pregnant she advised me to use the Strech Mark Oil, " Apply it every where , day and night. Arms, Tummy, Thighs and even in between your legs. "

How Does It Smell?

Pregnancy opens up your sense of smell to a whole new world. Your favourite perfume might make you feel nauseous. If I am honest the first Strech Mark Cream I used really did not smell too pleasent. The Organic Pharmacy Strech Mark Oil does not have a strong scent, so for those of you that are experiencing a strong sense of smell it is a sure winner. The most noticable scent from the ingriedients is the rosehip, The Organic Pharmacy always use the first press of Rosehip ( meaning it is at its purest and most effective ). If you are familiar with the scent of Neroli the oil has a pleasant undertone of this ingriedient too.

How is the consitency?

Strech mark creams and oils need to have a spread easy consitency. The Organic Pharmacy Strech Mark Oil definatly ticks this box. You only need 3 generous pumps to cover your growing bump, under arms, breast, inner thigs and hips. I have even been applying the beautiful oil to my face and neck. Try to apply the strech mark oil to damp skin. 

What Are The Ingriedients?

Founder Margo Marrone is a pharmacist and homeopath that has spent years studying ingrieidients and remedies that work in synergy naturally. Hence why her Mother and Baby range is popular with A listers and Editors alike.

Wheatgerm, Rose Hip and Marigold are combined with Neroli and Lavender to keep the skin soft and supple as it streches. Sunflower Oil and Vitamin E are two more ingriedients that give this strech mark oil the edge. A major concern during pregnancy is leg cramps, sunflower oil contains magnesium which helps soothe and deter this problem.


Top Tips!

Be consistent with applying your strech mark oil. Get your husband involved as a way of bonding with the baby bump too. Make it part of a daily routine. 

You can purchase The Organic Pharmacy Strech Mark Oil at our website.



By Lucy Chan 


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