When it comes to choosing safe and healthy skin care ingredients, beginning with those that are good to eat as well as good to apply topically is a great place to start. Sacha inchi, a star in the Rahua by Amazon Beauty lineup, works to keep skin elastic, softand fight environmental aggressors, but also dates back 3,000 years as a food source in the Amazon rainforest.


Native to much of South America, the Sacha Inchi plant grows to approximately 6 ½ feet tall. Its fruits are inedible, but the seeds, when lightly roasted take on a crispy nutty flavor, and are favored as a high-protein snack food. These “Inca Peanuts” have gained popularity in the US, and are available at health food stores, along withSachi Inchi oil, recommended forsalads. Think of it as lighter, nuttier olive oil. A true South American “superfood” like quinoa, acaiand amaranth, Sacha Inchi deserves its kudos. The seeds are rich in omega-3, -6, and -9, vitamin E, vitamin A and fiber.


It lowers bad cholesterol and raises good; it contains tryptophan, which contributes to the release of feel-good hormone serotonin; it reduces inflammation, particularly in the brainto fight depression, fatigue and memory problems; Sacha Inchilowers blood pressure and glucose levels; contributes to joint health;and even can help your eyes work better.


When used topically, the omega-3 lipids in Sacha Inchi are vital to healthy, touchable skin. It helps regulate oil production, maintain skin’s elasticity, lock in hydration and promote softness and smoothness. Sacha Inchi’s antioxidant benefits, which come from its bounty of vitamin E and A,fight against sun damage and work to repair it. You can find Sachi Inchioil in the Rahua body care collection — Rahua Body Lotion and Rahua Shower Gel.


The Sachi Inchi oil is part of amightytriptych, joining Rahuaand Buriti (morete) oils, to bring the miraculous healing power of the Amazon to your home. We love Sachi Inchi, because like all Rahua ingredients, it’s 100% natural, rainforest grown, and free of toxins, parabensand chemicals. Like we said at the beginning, it an ingredient is good enough to eat, you know it will treat your skin right.



Contributed by Rahua Beauty