Best Abaya Shops In Dubai

Dubai, the glittering jewel of the Middle East, is renowned for its opulent shopping experiences. Amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling souks, lies a hidden gem for modest fashion enthusiasts – the best abaya shops in Dubai. Whether you’re a local resident looking to update your wardrobe or a visitor seeking an authentic Emirati fashion experience, these abaya shops offer a blend of tradition and modernity that will leave you spellbound.

Dazzle Abaya Boutique

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The best shops design abaya
Ansar Kariyad

Sport Abaya UAE, Shop 9, Floor M, Al-Mamzar Centre

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Amazing place for women abaya , specially the sport casual abaya
Hala Abdul


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CHI-KA clothing co. that design very high quality and unique Abayas . Japanese material manufactured with fantastic finishing and awesome style . I’m so impressed by number of unique different designs to choose from . this Abaya gives you a posh elegant and modest look . When we wearing our top brand bag this is the abaya to go with its 7star abaya . Located in Al sarkal Av . Or online at top app Ounass.
Sana Ali

Nuna Atelier

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I love this store! It's not your typical abaya shop. The designs are creative and unique. However, it's recommended to contact them about your preferred abaya(s) which you can find on their Instagram account, because sometimes not everything displayed in the account is available in the shop.
Raja Al-Khalidi


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Good Quality Women Abaya available with good price. Thanks to the seller for giving discount.
Amar Deep Dwivedi

Hessa Falasi

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Place is great. They sell the most beautiful Abaya designs . Options offered are great for working and look so professional. I considered it my first place to check when I have special occasion or important meeting. fabric is fantastic and will look magnificent for years. The price however are high, however I keep coming back for them. Staff is great and helpful.
malak hassan

Al Abaya Centre

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Nice place for budget shopping. Variety is also available. Staff was cooperative.
Waqar Haider

Dubai Abayas Online (

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Online customer service very poor
Cosy Nkire

Mauzan Dubai Mall

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Go to mauzan and ask for Medhat's help , he is the best:)
Ola Onallah

thowby ثــوبــي ️ your original ABAYA

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This was my first time shopping from Thowby and not only were their abayas well displayed, trendy and beautiful but their staff were so welcoming, and accommodating. I needed a piece that was not available in my size at the store in ‘the mall’ nor was it available for pick up at Nakheel mall and was traveling the same night so, Jenny the store clerk took initiative to get the atelier tailor to create the piece from scratch and have their driver hand delivery it to my house later that evening just in time for my flight. I am super grateful for this type of incredible service and will be a loyal customer.
Natasha Maqsood