Best Afghani Restaurants In Dubai

Dubai is known for its diverse food scene and one cuisine that has gained immense popularity in recent years is Afghan cuisine. With its rich and aromatic flavors, Afghan food has won the hearts of food enthusiasts in Dubai. From succulent kebabs to savory rice dishes, Afghan cuisine has a lot to offer. If you are someone who is looking for the best Afghani restaurant in Dubai, then you are in luck! In this blog, we have compiled a list of the top Afghani restaurants in Dubai that serve authentic and delicious Afghan cuisine. So, whether you are a resident or a tourist, make sure to check out these restaurants and indulge in some mouth-watering Afghan food.

Afghan Palace Restaurant - Al Nahda 1

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Kabul Darbar Restaurant

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Very good non vegetarian food you will get at this restaurant. It is slightly inside the market, but well known. You can keep asking and reach the restaurant. Sitting place is also very nice. We were a group of 7 people. They gave us a separate cubicle kind of sitting area with matress where you can comfortably sit and enjoy the authentic taste of their food. Food: 5
Dr Mayank Verma

Afghan Khorasan Kabab

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The restaurant is super huge and very crowded. The service is very average. It's took us literally 15 mins just a server to attend us. And 10 minutes more to serve Pepsi.... seriously Pepsi took 10 mins to come on the table. Food wise it's expensive. Value for money is not there. The taste is average could be much better also.
Mohammed Rahil Aga

Ariana Afghan Restaurant LLC

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Amazing, Delicious, Different. These words truly describe my feelings. The part was that I did not plan. I happened to be in the area and my brother asked me if I was hungry. Luckily we decided to dine at Ariana Afghan.
Saad Wali Jaan

Al-Kabab Al-Afghani

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Very bad in phone order I order a food and they delay in delivery, they mention 45 minutes, but they come after 90 minutes, after that they give me wrong order and wrong meal
Jamal Abuihmaid


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Delicious Afghan pulao. Must try this restaurant if you like Afghan Cuisine. Medium price range.
Karthick Madhavan

Al Kabab Al Afghani Al Qusais

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This Afghan restaurant is a great option for those looking for delicious and affordable cuisine. The dishes have a great taste and there is a good quantity of food. The atmosphere is also family-friendly, making it a good spot for a casual dinner with loved ones.
Daniyal Naqash


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I really loved this place they have very delicious food and the environment is also good . I'll recommended you to check it.
Hammad Kareemi

Qasar Al Afghan Kabab

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Clean place. Nice staff. We tried Grill Chicken and Pilaf. Tasty and worth the price. Varieties are many. It's a Afghan restaurant but they provide good Arabic dishes as well. Budget dishes and expensive dishes are available to choose. Worth a visit.
Raja Mohamed Iqbal