Best Beach Clubs In Dubai

Nestled along the glistening shores of the Arabian Gulf, Dubai is renowned for its luxurious beach clubs that offer an unrivaled blend of sun-soaked relaxation and vibrant entertainment. From opulent infinity pools to private cabanas and world-class dining, these beach clubs set the stage for unforgettable seaside experiences. Whether you’re in search of a lively party atmosphere or a tranquil escape from the bustling city, Dubai’s beach clubs cater to every visitor’s desires. Join us as we explore some of the best beach clubs in Dubai, where indulgence meets coastal charm and luxury knows no bounds.

Nikki Beach Restaurant & Beach Club Dubai

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I think this is the best beach club I've ever been to in Dubai. it is Very very pretty. I wish I had taken more pictures. I love the ambience, its quite easy to just relax. Plenty of greenery right from the entrance and wooden statures.
Modupe Olu

Zero Gravity Dubai

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This place is very nice ! You’ll have a lot of fun and everything you need is right here ! If you spend the day, stay until the sunset because the beach and the view is fantastic 🌅!!
Wafa Kr

Cove Beach Caesars Palace

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Lovely place and chilled, perfect for ladies time out or family time out but some of the staffs need to be more friendly and focus when taking orders. I ordered for a drink and it waited for over 20mins, only for me to realize the order wasn’t sent in…. Overall it was nice time out with my friends.
Solomon Preye Gift


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Other than that an amazing experience. Perfect spot to watch the sunset over JBR and Blue Waters. Direct Beach access. Huge pool with various sections. Great DJ and really tasty food. My only issue would be that the servers were slow, little forgetful and almost off-ish/ rude towards the end.
Zim Girl Travels

WHITE Beach Dubai

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Just a few hundred metres from the Atlantis hotel, the White Beach club features great selection of food & drinks, a swimming pool and cozy sunbeds in different styles. Staff is kind, prepared and fast. Food was delicious! But get ready for a pricey bill.
Riccardo Cannistrà

Soul Beach Dubai

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I enjoyed this place so much. In weekdays there are no a lot of people, calm music and clean beach, you can enjoy this a lot and nobody will disturb you! Food was healthy and nice. We liked beach, there is so natural and clean, we made many beautiful pictures. The best part of rest there was hospitality of staff, they were welcome and kind to us, showed details and did all our asks. Thank you for good rest.
Екатерина Беркутенко

Summersalt by Kayto

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Great spot for dinner. Service quality was at an outstanding level alongside the quality of food. Clean and light decor make this place ideal for a relaxed dinner of any occasion. Highly recommended.
Cláudio Cardoso

Beach by FIVE - Beach Party in Dubai.

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Went on Wednesday and Sunday. Vibes were chill and not too crowded. Service staff was really trying their best, had a great time, it was lovely. Food was really good! I recommend the mussels and salads, cocktails on point. music was from the pool party next door, but luckily not too loud. The water in the pool was cool and fresh, drinks were nice. Perfect for day chill and sunset. Lovely atmosphere.
Kristina Lobach