Best Biryani In Dubai

Dubai, the vibrant city known for its towering skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls, and extravagant lifestyle, is also a haven for food enthusiasts. Amidst the myriad of culinary delights that Dubai has to offer, one dish stands out as a reigning champion – the Biryani. A fragrant and flavorful rice-based dish with tender meats or succulent vegetables, Biryani has captured the hearts and palates of locals and tourists alike. In this gastronomic journey through the bustling streets of Dubai, we will embark on a quest to uncover the tantalizing secrets behind some of the best biryani offerings in this cosmopolitan oasis.

Jaffer Bhai's Al Karama-The Biryani King of Mumbai

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Good quality authentic food. Price little high. Nice ambience. Very slow in table cleaning. Good quality deserts and must try Indian biryani. Price for soft drinks like water / coke is costlier than 5 star hotel. Not worth for the bill you pay.
Mahammad Haneef

Golden Biryani Restaurant

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I am surprised why this restaurant is rated above 4 for dining experience! It’s a small congested place with no proper space to move around. I thought the food would be great but that’s not the case either. I had bad stomach pain after eating lunch here on Thursday.. my entire weekend was wasted.
Gaurish Kadle

Chennai Kadai Biryani

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This is my first time to order and the food taste amazing and it has a lot of side dish. However the delivery took 2 and half hours to deliver eventhough I am only in Bur Dubai and the food was not deliver in good condition, it is leaking it was really obvious that it was not handle very carefully.
April Jhade

Pak Liyari Restaurant L.L.C. (Br.) - Al Nahda

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4/5 17th August 2022 Came here with my friends for dinner. The place is open till very late and that's a plus. I always try the mutton biriyani here as i feel its the best. But my friends try the chicken one. I like how the portion is a lot and they add boiled potatoes in the biriyani as well.
Shreyas Gopal

Haddad Hyderabad Restaurant

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Love their mutton Biryani and Chicken 65 biryani... Khubaani ka Mittha is also delicious... Economic n delicious biryani ... Talwa Gosht is one of my favorites and they also make it nicely...
Murtaza Amin

Biryaniwalla & Co.

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Taste is divine, def worth each penny and biryani is truly authentic. Excellent service too. Crowded on weekends , loads of waiting and tiny branch. Best for takeaway
Sofia Ali

Biryanis and Biryanis

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Being a die hard fan of Biryani, this place had to be checked out. Why? Coz they serve 45 varieties of biryani. Visited the Al Nahda 1 branch, they also have 1 branch in Bur Dubai and a newly opened branch in Ajman.
griselda fernandes