Best British Schools In Dubai

Nestled amidst the shimmering skyscrapers and bustling streets of Dubai, a cluster of British schools stand as bastions of academic excellence and cultural fusion. As expatriates from across the globe flock to this vibrant metropolis in pursuit of opportunities and luxury, the demand for top-tier education has soared, prompting the establishment of a myriad of international schools. Among these institutions, a select few proudly bear the British imprint, offering an unparalleled blend of rich heritage, rigorous curriculum, and global perspective. From embracing traditional values to fostering innovation and diversity, these Best British Schools in Dubai not only cater to the expatriate community but also attract local families seeking world-class education within an international framework.

Horizon English School Dubai | Best British School in Dubai - HES

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Am writing this review about this school, because they claim to be inclusive! But when 1 my kids didn’t have a fair assessment, it was painful to watch it from outside! ! And when we got rejected! I wanted to know the reasons why they came to that conclusion!
zahra Aljasmi

Dubai British School - Jumeirah Park

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The school has a great education system with world-class facilities and teachers. The Students are well taught with lots of knowledge and and the average GCSE score for a student is around 7.13 (on the DBSJP Webiste)
David T

Horizon International School

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This is the first year with HIS. My son is in FS2. I was very nervous and anxious in the first week of school. From the second week of school my son has shown so much excitement for school. This school makes us all feel like we are one family and we are always informed of every aspect of our children’s education. My son just started to write and read a few words independently which is amazing as its just the first term! Truly outstanding foundation stage.
Laila Ihsan

The Aquila School

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This is a true community school. The head teacher himself is heavily involved in the day to day running of the school, parents feel welcomed and listened to. I moved my children from a well known brand of schools to The Aquila after not feeling comfortable in ‘the machine’ of uae education.
Kate Tooby

GEMS FirstPoint School, The Villa

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Nice British school, opened in 2015. They have all new facilities and friendly teachers from the UK. I think they have a capacity of 2000 students. Many extracurricular activities available, but don't expect too much of that. They use digital technologies for the students for homework, progress and of course school fees.
Chris van Eijk

Ambassador International Academy

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Good school, with very good teachers and supportive staff. Well structured, good location, good value for money. It has the challenges of being a new school but I do believe in few years they will be one of the top schools in Dubai if they keep investing in the school quality.
Jeane Silva

Arcadia School

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Best part about Arcadia is Mr Valrani himself. The CEO is an active listener and talks to parents almost every day, which you dont see in many schools. School facilities are really good and the fees is in par with other British schools. On the other hand, I believe there should be some active effort to take direct feedback from parents. Biggest trouble? Poor parking facilities for parents.
Albin Abraham

Kent College Dubai

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I went to this place, to pick up a kid who happens to be in that school for sport match/competition. One amazing lady (teacher/official) lead me personally to where I wanted to go... Thanks a lot!
Nelia Coles

PACE Modern British School

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Great teaching method … activities well planned … and celebration including parents are the main highlights of this school 👍 My Nephew Is a student here. …
The.Exploring.Mommy Sana Ashfaq