Best Cafes In Dubai

Nestled among the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets of Dubai are hidden gems that offer a tranquil escape from the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. From chic, modern spaces to cozy, traditional settings, Dubai’s cafe scene is as diverse as the city itself. Whether you’re a local resident or a traveler seeking a caffeine fix, exploring the best cafes in Dubai promises an unforgettable journey through rich aromas, delectable treats, and captivating ambiance.

Vibe Café - Al Wasl

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Vibe Cafe is a destination for all the healthy food lovers. It’s a perfect funky new spot to gather with friends and family. The interior is up to the mark, the whole cafe is beautifully decorated in pink colour. It totally gives a very unique vibe. Definitely its a perfect instagrammable cafe.
WaSalicious Food & Travel

Stomping Grounds

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This place got a lot of good reviews and it was worth them. Great Saturday morning breakfast, wide variety on the menu, although would have like to see hash browns and baked beans. The portions are very good and for sure you will leave full. Everything is fresh and well presented. Highly recommended. Thanks to Tran for looking after us and for Susma for coming over and talking to us about our experience.
Kamal Samarrai

100 Cafe

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My favourite café and coworking spot in Dubai! The staff is so lovely, it is truly a holistic center of wellness. The food options are healthy and so very delicious at the same time!
Zoé Gotti

Roseleaf Cafe

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It’s a small cosy cafe in the middle of the garden store, has outside and inside seating area. The menu is very small, we tried few pastries that were okay. Pasta with melted cheese was very average, we left it. Coffee is quite good.
Ozoda Shadieva

Public Cafe JLT.

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This is my absolute favorite place to eat. The food is always fantastic and no matter what I order I am always delighted with my meal! The staffs are also great, always efficient, happy and polite (btw we become friends now ☺️feels like I've know them for long time ) This cozy cafe has left the best impressions!
Gabrielle Abenojar

Alchemy Coffee

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Their coffee was absolutely great also the place adds up to the beauty of their coffee. I've have a Cortado and Almond croissant it was great. I like the place and how it's organized as well as the whole vibe of the place. I highly recommend it during the day so you would enjoy the sunlight with their beautiful outside seating. I would definitely come back each time I visit the UAE again.

The Espresso Lab

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Wonderful place and amazing coffee. They are professional in serving coffee. The sparkling water gesture is truly appreciated. Staff is very friendly and drinks are affordable.The only downside is that unfortunately they do not offer plant based milk.
Rawan Alnajjar

Arrows and Sparrows Cafe

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The vibe in this place is very good, it’s super cosy and I love all the plants everywhere. They have a good variety on the menu catering to most needs, and the coffee especially was delicious! The food was alright, in theory everything sounded amazing but the execution lacked a bit here and there. The bread was a bit dry and the eggs were cooked through even though I asked for soft. Would come back here because it has great potential but they have a bit of work to do
Isabelle Schreuder