Best Dates In Dubai

From ancient times to modern day, the date palms have played an integral role in shaping Dubai’s landscape and heritage. In this article, we’ll take you on a journey through the top-rated date and plantations across Dubai where you can experience firsthand the rich history and delectable flavors of these iconic dates. Whether you’re a seasoned food enthusiast or simply curious about exploring one of nature’s most delightful offerings, prepare to be captivated by our guide to discovering the best date in Dubai – where tradition meets innovation amidst an oasis of sweetness.

Daima Town Centre Jumeirah

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I stumbled upon this store by accident while I was wandering around the Town Centre Jumeira. The man working behind the counter, Mr. Khaled, was kind enough to offer me some of their nuts covered in chocolate, and after trying them, I fell in love with the shop's offerings. 😍 Since that time, I've been purchasing chocolate treats and dates from them as gifts. If you have a Prevelige Plus discount card, which can be used in Mercato and Town Centre, you are eligible for a discount from them. It is highly recommended that you go to this store. 🍫💯%
Shamsa AL-Mehairi

Bateel Boutique, Souk Al Bahar, Dubai

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The lady in the store is very rude. As the store was about to open @ 08:55 am. I knocked the door and wanted to ask about their cafe but she pretended that she couldn’t hear me knocking. I thought maybe I didn’t knock hard enough for hear to hear. So I did it again harder but it was obvious she was pretending she’s busy and cant hear my voice and the knocking.
Marwan Ali

Bateel International

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The HR manager this filipina lady Mary Taparo is not following the proper rules of hiring staff. They will send the offer letter first before the background checking. She dont have concern to her kabayan. They are spending metro fees attending 2 interviews and rejected offers from other companies because of the offer letter from the HR.
Rahman Jago

Kingdom Dates

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Lovely popup store, close to elevator and stairs. The offering of sweets is very good, a great option for a gift or a threat while Walking into the mall. Highly recommend ❤
226Lab Marketing Agency CH


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⭐What is better than dates ,stuffed with almond , dipped in different chocolate flavours ..? 🤤 🍫 Chocolate is a healthy food for the soul and with @tamrah_dubai almond dates ,it's just the perfect combo... 👌
Foodie Me

Casa Pons

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Yummy, very yummy hot chocolate. Nicely prepared with care and artistic touch. The chocolate nuts also added make it a nice combination. Loved it 😋☕ …
Donia Lisa Zora G. Promper

Juliette Delices

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Amazingly delicious, beautiful packages, best gift idea, very professional serving
Reem Al Shami