Best Dosa In Dubai

As you navigate through Dubai’s bustling streets, adorned with glitzy malls and bustling souks, the aroma of sizzling batter wafts through the air drawing you closer to some hidden gems where master chefs skillfully craft these thin, savory pancakes. The Best Dosa In Dubai article is your passport to uncovering these culinary treasures as we embark on a flavorful journey across the city’s nooks and crannies in pursuit of that perfect blend of crispiness and flavor. Whether you are an ardent fan or someone new to this exotic delight, join us as we explore where to find these golden delights that have captured hearts from Chennai to Dubai!

Yummy Dosa

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Have you heard of Nutella chocolate Dosa⁉️ @yummydosa serves this unique dessert dosa 🤫🤯 This super delicious chocolate dosa served with extra chocolate syrup. We also tried the famous Zini dosa that has a mix of vegetables and a lot of cheese 🧀
Aishwarya Lakshmi

Saravanaa Bhavan Karama

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We had the lunch special meal and it was super delicious. Highly recommend you try this place for the meals and thosai. Make sure you go before 3.30 to eat the meals.
Rajina Sujanthan

Dosa Hut Restaurant

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Hidden gem in Setwa. If you’re looking for good quality Indian food for a good price eat here! Their Masala dosa was great

TNagar Cafe

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Warm staffs, nice ambience, cleanliness is good, food tastes great, they brought the perfect South indian taste in their chutneys.. specifically tomato chutney tastes yummy... there is room for improvement in vada taste to bring the south indian style. Pongal tastes amazing, dosa is great.. sweet is in perfect taste... quantity is enough for one person... but hope they will maintain the taste... till my next visit
Vidya Premi Karthikeyan

Madras Vegetarian Restaurant

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Very good South Indian restaurant. Tasty food and reasonable price. Neat and clean. They have so many verities of sweets and murukku. We can enjoy Tamilnadu tasty iddili,masaladosa,pongal,vada etc.. Also they have nice coffe and tea.

Saarangaa Bhojan Shala Dubai Marina

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I stayed on Marina Beach couple of days, and this restaurant was dining here regularly. I highly recommend it to vegetarians. Not only food is delicious, but the people are wonderful here. Always ready to help and serve.
Rajiv (NLP)

Bikanervala JLT, Concord Tower - Indian Curry Restaurants in Dubai

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Service & taste of this branch has gone down a lot. Simple samosa takes 20 mins and when it came it was not even hot. Honey chilli potato - don't even try ..not even saucy or anything. Just momos were good enough to eat
Greeshma Lodaya

Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

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Good Morning Peoplezzzzzzz . . . We Tried Mini Tiffin. . . . The food came hot and the food was delicious! Full of flavor, Staff was amazing and very friendly.
Owaiz Raiyan