Best Football Academy In Dubai

The Best Football Academy in Dubai stands as a beacon of excellence, drawing in talented youngsters from across the globe with its promise of top-tier development programs and an environment that breathes dedication and determination. From state-of-the-art pitches to cutting-edge fitness centers, this academy offers more than just training; it provides an immersive experience where young players can immerse themselves in the beautiful game while receiving guidance from some of the most respected coaches in the industry. Whether you’re a parent seeking the best for your child’s football journey or a player hungry to reach new heights, this academy beckons with its unwavering commitment to nurturing footballing prowess amidst the dynamic backdrop of one of the world’s most captivating cities.

ABC Football Academy

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Meysam Changiz

Alliance Football Club | Dubai Football Academy

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My son Rayan I joined Alliance 3 months ago. He finished 12 sessions with them. He was enjoying every single practice and was willing to attend all his sessions. They are so professional and they know what they doing. Nikki helped a lot during his registration, too many questions, but she was super nice and polite answering all my questions and support me in my concerns. All the best Alliance.
Kita Eltawil

Go-Pro Sports Football Academy Dubai

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Really disappointed that this place seems to want to take and hold emirates I’d cards. I intervened to support a visiting parent lady who didn’t want to leave her card at security. She was happy to present it, allow copies etc but she didn’t want to leave it with them.
declan murphy

Dubai Sports City Football Academy

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I am a football coach from Russia, I have been playing professionally in the professional amateur league for 20 years, I work with disabled people, national teams in Russia, I have been training children and adults for many years. I’m looking for a job now. In the UAE, do you have a vacancy for me ?
Vladislava Stepanova

The Football Academy (TFA)

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  • District 9 – Orchid St – Jumeirah Village – Jumeirah Village Triangle – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +971508008109

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My son enrolled with them with the litte boots team and he has had an amazing time! the coaches are very well trianed on how to address children and motivate them. I am amazed at how they manage to bring toddlers together and actualy play football. Highly recommend them!
vrinda malik

CF Football Academy, Al Quasis

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  • Next to Stadium metro station – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +971504091811

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Very good and professional training is provided. My son loves going over there to lean football.
Shubhrakant Singh

International Football Academy

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My son loves this football, he can attend weekly lessons in our community in a relaxed fun environment and there are always Saturday fixtures for a chance to play matches. The website & payment system work well. The company has good communication channels. Coach Frank has been there for all the years my son has played (at least 6yrs) so it’s nice to have that continuity instead of new coaches all the time. Highly recommended.

It’s Just Football

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  • DAMAC Smart Heights – 7 Al Nahar 2 St – next to Carrefour Market Tecom Vista – Barsha Heights – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +971559094809

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Stuff Well trained
Laura Ciccarelli

Juventus Academy Jumeirah

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  • 22 48 B St – Al Satwa – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +971558581813

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my son went here when ehe was young. he is now very smart and is very cool I love juventus aceademy jumeriah
Lek The Cat

Elite Sports Academy | Head Office

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  • Prime Business Centre – Office #1704, JVC – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +97145545916
  • Home

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My children came from another very popular football academy and it felt a bit too much like a money making factory. The coaches barely knew the kids’ names and the kids in turn didn’t know each other very well either. Elite is the opposite.
Kristin Reddy