Best Gold Shop In Dubai

The best gold shop in Dubai is not merely a retail outlet; it is an experience that transcends mere commerce. Whether one seeks timeless heirlooms or modern statement pieces, each establishment exudes a sense of grandeur and sophistication that mirrors the city itself. From intricate handcrafted designs inspired by Arabic motifs to sleek, minimalist creations that epitomize modern elegance, these gold shops offer something for every discerning taste. Join us as we embark on a journey through Dubai’s most prestigious purveyors of gold, where old-world charm meets cutting-edge luxury in an enchanting display of artistry and glamour.

Dubai Gold Souk

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Less price more crunchy brosted Fish/chicken amazing amazing. Try there shawarma meal plate. I will say 3 people can enjoy the food for 1 last but least don't forget there brosted with crunchy, crispy fries with seasoning. What you waiting guys go and grab only in Ajman
Arpit Garg

Kanz Jewels

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I didn't got the opportunity to purchase from them as I feel the charges on making are high than others in the market. Yes they are well known in the market.. They have many stores in Dubai... Celebrities promotes them and visits them but still I prefer local stores. Here are some pics from my visit from out side. Please follow if my Review helped you.
Dev Rajpurohit

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

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Really appreciate the efforts given by Ma’am Jenalyn of Malabar One in patiently assisting our jewellery needs. Her customer’s service given is really superb! Can’t wait to come back for next purchase.
Erwin Bartolome

Khushi Jewellers

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Beautiful designs and creative patterns. Love this place. Sales women Meena is quite affable,seasoned and knowledgeable.,Rashmi is patient in tackling people. Overall the sales team is brilliant. They walk that extra mile to fulfil our needs. Great energy and good vibes.prices are reasonable and at times negotiable too.
Shivashankari Pasupathy

Joyalukkas Jewellery

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Mr Sumesh (sales person) gives Pathetic customer service. I went to buy a chain. I took some time to decide so he felt bad. Also he taunted me. He thinks I’m not financially good enough to buy gold. Just to mention here, he left his home to earn some money and I left mine to spend some so definitely I’m better off.
Jaymin Brahmbhatt

Mamiya Jewellery

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I can not thank Bax enough who gave me so much confidence when choosing and ordering a white gold eternity ring to be made to my specifications. His communication throughout was excellent and the end result was exactly as I had requested. What surprised me most was the very fast time from ordering to actually receiving my beautiful ring. Thank you Bax, I will definitely be ordering again from you.
Felicity Freeman

Best Gold LLC

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Good service and fast for all processing.


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Please my necklace broke can you buy my peace of diamond 💎? …
Birungi k Joseph