Best Indian Schools In Dubai

Dubai, a melting pot of diverse cultures and traditions, is home to a vibrant Indian expatriate community. With a growing emphasis on quality education, Indian families in Dubai are constantly seeking the best schools that not only impart academic excellence but also nurture cultural values and traditions. From state-of-the-art infrastructure to innovative teaching methodologies, the quest for the best Indian schools in Dubai has become a burning topic among parents and educators alike.

Ambassador School

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It’s a wonderful experience having our child study at Ambassador School. We took admission mid term and from very first class teachers and students welcomed and made the kid comfortable in online class. He was able to attend all classes without fail.
digvijay sharma

The Indian High School

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I studied at this school. It is very outdated in terms of its policies . The staff of the school are very old fashioned. The school has very conservative views on different issues. Some teachers and members of staff are nice and helpful. However, some teachers are also very demotivating and discourage or belittle students if they struggle in the subject. I wish I didn't study at this school. Lastly, don't forget about the favoritism and partiality teachers have when picking students. They judge kids based on marks and not on their abilities or skills. Its a waste of time and energy
Rohan Keni

Gulf Indian High School - Dubai

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Very irresponsible management staffs.. The receptionist confirmed by call to submit the documents in person. The principal says they are not even aware of it when we arrived at the school and send us back saying the admissions are closed. He said he was on how can an admission in charge be so irresponsible for this matter? Really Disappointed by their Attitude😑🥶
shamna sherf 2 reviews

NIMS New Indian Model School, Dubai

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One of the oldest indian schools in Dubai, not very fancy(for some), low fees, but quality of education is good compared to the fee you pay. My ward is studying in this school for last 3 years and I have mostly positive things to say.
Suaib Pattathody

Global Indian International School (GIIS) Dubai Campus - Best Indian International CBSE School in Dubai

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Excellent School. I personally searched and visited some schools in Dubai, I wanted to find a school where students feel happy and safe with a excellent teaching methodology.
Debrah Dubai Brazil

The Indian Academy

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One of the Best schools in Dubai. Visit the school anytime and take a tour of the Campus. It is a safe, hygienic, and inspiring learning campus. The teachers are very well qualified and experienced and give one-on-one attention to all the students. The activities are very planned, and every student takes an active part. The parent community is the strength of our school.
Rakhee Bernadite

GEMS Our Own Indian School

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Below average school with average facilities, teachers didn’t care about their students especially if you were an average or below average student with the exception of a few teachers who actually put an effort into teaching their students. The principal is someone who is not fit to be the position she is in, she doesn’t seem to care About the students that are supposed to be under her care and is more focused on maintaining her image
Pratik Mehta

Amity School

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Has a wonderful basketball and badminton facility. Went for my daughter a trial session however upon arrival, I learnt that the session has been postponed for next week .Rather than return back, I made an arrangement and have fun playing with my family ....we will check them back by next week to give it a try since I notice that the facility is well maintained and the girls has an interest with it.
Ahmed Kemal Tuba

Pearl Wisdom School Dubai

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New school in Abu Hail area offering Indian curriculum. The layout is good with playground to practice sport
Hosam Abou ELez