Best Iranian Restaurant In Dubai

Dubai’s culinary scene is a vibrant tapestry of flavors from around the world, and nestled within its diverse dining landscape lies a hidden gem – the Best Iranian Restaurant in Dubai. Embarking on a journey through the tantalizing aromas and rich traditions of Persian cuisine, this article unveils an oasis where saffron-tinged rice, succulent kebabs, and fragrant stews converge to create an unforgettable dining experience. From the moment you step into this gastronomic haven, you are transported to the bustling bazaars of Tehran, where centuries-old recipes and warm hospitality intertwine to offer a glimpse into Iran’s culinary heritage.

Iran zamin

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Absolutely delicious. Everything here had great flavor and was rich. The complimentary cheese and bread was delicious and really had a nice blend of flavors. The salad we got with the hummus and other sauces went very well with the provided bread. The lamb had a slight gaminess that I appreciated and overall was very good. The service was great and everyone was really kind. Will come back.
Lyndon Brown

Farsi Restaurant

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Highly recommend : Lamb and chicken Kebab The real taste of Persian cuisine. We were greeted with complimentary freshly baked Iranian bread, salad with white cheese, guaranteed to get the meal off to a good start.
Pooja Chopra

Al Ustad Special Kebab

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Best Kebab place in Dubai. The flavour is amazing. Amble quantity food. Ask for their kebab platter which will give you a chance to taste most of their flavours. You can see the photographs of the celebrities and middle eastern leaders who visited the restaurant.
Amitto Karim

Parsian Restaurant

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Among thr best Iranian restaurants in Dubai. Very good food and reasonable prices. The food hall is so large with views of the well maintained gardens. In the past they used to offer a lunch buffet 3 days a week, but now it is unfortunately limited to Fridays only.
Jaber M.

ANAR - Authentic Persian Cuisine

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Best Iranian fine dining, quite expensive but really it deserves. Friendly expert staff [Mr Faris] for his Moral،attitudes and understanding the customer.
Mohammed Mrz

Caspian Kabab restaurant (Bur Dubai)

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Absolutely spectacular. Great value. We had the hummus and Bulgarian kebab. It is made of meat and chicken mince. Probably the best kebab I have ever had in my life. So succulent and flavourful. Service was great too. Only thing is I thought the soup was a little greasy. But amazing food, will definitely go back.
sunil raj

Sadaf Restaurant

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The place is so, clean, cosy and the ambiance makes you feel as if you are in a Persian house. The staff are friendly and the manager approached us twice to ask if everything is satisfactory. Their food is simply delicious, best Persian food i have ever tasted and they offer a very good variety of foods. Meat is tender and the kofta is so yummy. Hot and fresh bread is served with the food. The price is not expensive. Highly recommended
Bariha Abdo