Best Korean Restaurant In Dubai

Nestled in the heart of Dubai, a culinary treasure awaits those seeking an authentic taste of Korea. With its vibrant flavors, tantalizing aromas, and rich cultural heritage, Korean cuisine has captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts worldwide. Among the bustling cityscape of Dubai, there is one restaurant that stands out as a shining beacon of Korean gastronomy – a place where traditional recipes harmonize with modern innovation to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Hyu Korean Restaurant

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Had lunch at Hyu Korean Restaurant, and it was an enjoyable experience. I'm sure I'll be back to try something new.
Joshua Taylor

Seoul Garden Restaurant

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• Staff Expertise: 6/10, Staff are fairly experienced ,well knowledgeable but they ain't helpful when it comes to recommendations. • Atmosphere: 6/10, I liked the idea of the closed rooms with the mini grills on the table. However the decorations and lighting at these rooms are terrible in my opinion. They will definitely affect your mood. • Food: 7/10, Some of the options are pretty good. Others are just not.
Firas Abu Taleb

Mannaland Korean Restaurant

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Amazing Korean restaurant! As someone who has worked in a Korean restaurant and had authentic Korean food in Korea/London, this place isn’t far off. The staff were very attentive and really looked after us. Big thanks to them as there were only 2 staff as it gradually became busier 👍🏻

Sumibiya Korean BBQ

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We went for lunch yesterday to Sumibiya at the Radisson Blu in Deira. We were two families of six persons. The restaurant has a special deal during the month of July , buy one all you can eat and get the second one free.


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Bbq ribs and the Korean fried chicken were very good. The place is understaffed and it takes a long time for a waiter to assist us. The built-in bbq was not working and they brought extra ones (but not the traditional style which has to be open from the bottom to avoid burning of the marinade).
Amr Sherif

Sonamu Restaurant

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Expo 2020 branch: amazing service, placid ambiance and friendly service. It was my first time eating Korean dishes and the aroma of the food was mouth watering. Full of flavours, delicious and hygienic food. Highly recommend.
sana faisal

Romantic Baka - Dubai

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Been their on a weekday had to wait for 15mins. staffs were warm welcoming and had a smile on their face. Ambience was neat and clean , better if they have toilet inside.
Manikandan M

Sobahn, Korean Restaurant 소반

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This place is the BEST Korean Restaurant in Dubai!! Me and my friend went to Sobahn today and we had a really great time there. Every dishes were sooo delicious. The chef was really really nice and kind. We got to try so many things. Definitely will come back here to eat.
Khemjirat Supatcharasakul