Best Kunafa In Dubai

Nestled in the heart of Dubai lies a sweet and savory delight that has captured the hearts and taste buds of locals and tourists alike – kunafa. This delectable Middle Eastern dessert, known for its crispy golden pastry and luscious cheese filling, has become a symbol of indulgence and celebration in the bustling city. With an abundance of bakeries, cafes, and restaurants offering their own spin on this iconic treat, finding the best kunafa in Dubai becomes a delightful quest for food enthusiasts seeking to savor the epitome of Middle Eastern dessert culture.

Just Kunafa

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LThe best Kunafa I've had in Dubai. It's one of the 5 "just Kunafa" places in Dubai but the don't sell just Kunafa ๐Ÿ™‚ you can also buy baklava and a delicious roll that looks like Kunafa but with custard inside, I definitely recommend to give it a try.
Lara Pellegrini

Papa Kanafa | Al Barsha

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Bad experience/ very poor customer service! If someone can tag the owner, please do! Because literally, you heโ€™s losing customers by the staff! Passed by (walk-in) for 2 simple and plain orange juice for me and my kid, 2 staff members not even answering Hi and just so focused on his screen.
Mohamed Ehab

Ibsais sweets

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Such delicious cheese kunafa ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ The one with cream is average and even the kunafa ice cream is less sweet! Love the idea of kahwa there along with kunafa! Its over priced & the a/c does not work Properly.
Zh Tajri

Al Baba Sweets

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Freshly made sweets and chocolates. Amazing place. Very clean. Great combination packs. Great place for fresh Arabic sweets. The staff was very helpful and quick in service. Very good experience. Highly recommended. Parking available close by.
Pritul Sanghavi

Firas Sweets

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I tried their Kunafa and I loved it. It was worth every penny. Must try. For the quantity you see in the picture, they charged me 10.50 dirhams which I think is decent. They also have a small seating area if you want to dine-in. The Kunafas also have 3 different varieties in them. You could ask to get a few pieces from each one if you would like. They do that. ๐Ÿ™‚
Omkar Mote

Al Sultan Sweets & Oriental Restaurant

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In search of a good restaurant to try out some good Arabic/Turkish food, we decided we decided to try out this one. Located on the Jumeirah beach road, so location was a clear winner. The set up was simple and well spaced out.


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Awani serves a nice palette of traditional dishes server and prepared the same traditional way. Menu is wide enough to choose for everyone. I've picket some dishes just to try, and all was perfect. Plus nice interior, show kitchen and welcoming staff, worth to pass by for a family lunch or just a quick bite.
Michal Hrabovsky

Nablus - Traditional Kanafeh

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Located in the Dubai old city (Al Seef street), this cafe has vintage interior that has been very well done. They have a decently furnished outdoor too that goes well with the overall ambiance of the place. We tried their Turkish Coffee and few snacks and found them good though exorbitantly priced. Service was very good.
KBW 66

Kanafani - Al Barsha

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Excellent food and amazing service by the staff in al barsha Simply the best Kunafa in Dubai
Sarah Kawas