Best Lebanese Restaurant In Dubai

Nestled among the glitzy skyscrapers and bustling streets of Dubai lies a culinary gem that transports diners to the vibrant streets of Beirut – the Best Lebanese Restaurant. With its tantalizing aromas, warm hospitality, and a menu bursting with authentic flavors, this dining establishment has become a beloved haven for food enthusiasts seeking an immersive Middle Eastern culinary experience.

Al Hallab

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Great tasty food, Very supportive staff.. Portions and quality are excellent.. Tidy and clean place.. Appetizers have many types with wonderful Lebanese taste..
Ayman Noweir

Abd El Wahab, Souk Al Bahar

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The best spot to watch the famous Dancing Fountain Show. Overlooking the fountain and facing either Burj Khalifa or Dubai Mall, the place is specialized for local cuisine. We were lucky to reserve a table outside the terrace.
Donghan Yi

Leila Restaurant

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The service is excellent where you get the right recommendations for what you are craving! Be careful of the fresh hot bread they have as you literally cannot stop 😉 Glad to have had Mahmood taking care of us! Such a pleasant experience & will definitely go again sooooon!!!
Safi Nassar

Habib Beirut, Dubai Marina

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best Lebanese food in Dubai! as I tried a lot of Arabic food in Dubai and all over the word, I really highly recommend Habib Beirut restaurant. They have best food, prices and service. Will visit you again guys. Many thanks for all of you! ❤
shadia tibi

Abd El Wahab, Dubai Marina

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Good Lebanese food served in a good place with a fantastic view of the Dubái Marina. Everything is good about this restaurant, they have a good menu, the food is delicious, they serve without much delay, the staff are good.

Semsom, Lebanese Cuisine

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My first time here. My family loves Lebanese food and we decided to visit this place. I review alot of restaurants and I'm telling you...Everything we ate was very tasty! Value for money! And great hospitality from the server John Santos who was helpful in assuring us that what we ordered was going to be tasty.
Alisha Pinto


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We had an amazing experience. The staff was attentive, congenial. The food was amazing. The entertainment was amazing, the belly dancer did a wonderful job, and we were astonished to find out that the man singing was actually singing LIVE and wasn't a musical track. They brought us a dessert of fresh fruit on dry ice. All of the food was amazing and we were very happy to have come here. We WILL go again!
Rebs Whoahmi

Al Hallab Bab El Bahr

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We visited various good restaurants in Dubai as a tourists, and we found this our favourite one, we have been here multiple times and we will get back again for sure. Food is definitely very very good and price is not so expensive as the location might suggest.

Zahr El Laymoun Alasly

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Good lebanese restaurant I'm the heart of Dubai mall. The food is good and different here, the chef has special touches to all normal dishes made. I like the presentation and the service . Shisha available as well yet better when weather is good to be seated outdoors. Unfortunately all they miss is a good view to the fountain , else this would have been super.
Andre Haydar

Mezze House Restaurant

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Very nice Lebanese style resturant, with great location and indoor parking space paid for the first three hours, they have good service and nice menu, the attendance to the shisha was good as well. The desserts tasted good, the coffee as well.
Jalal Hindieh