Best Mandi In Dubai

Nestled within the bustling streets of Dubai lies a hidden gem that tantalizes the taste buds and transports you to the heart of traditional Arabic cuisine. The rich aroma of spices, tender meat, and fragrant rice wafts through the air, beckoning food enthusiasts to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other. Prepare to indulge in a feast fit for royalty as we uncover the best Mandi in Dubai, where centuries-old recipes and contemporary flair converge to create an unforgettable dining experience.

Raidan Mandi Restaurant

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Went there for dinner and bought Chicken mandi rice. It was perfect and the meat also super smooth. But rice is just same as other biriyani types nothing new in it. Never had that experience before.
Pramodh Sankalpa

Zam Zam Mandi (Al Karama)

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Very good food mash’Allah. We enjoyed it but we found the starters was a bit too spicy/hot. The rice very well cooked and the mutton was fried I think. It would’ve been better if it was grilled. I have no comment on the juice cocktail because it was just amazing 5 stars for that 😁 overall very nice experience and the staff was very good too !
Jihane Elarif

Bait Al Mandi Restaurant مطعم بيت المندي

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One of the best places to have Mandi in Dubai. Fairly priced with generous serving portions. They also have the traditional floor seating options with personalized cabins. Staff is friendly and the service is extremely quick.
Sohail Shaikh

Halla Al yamama mandi restaurant

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Great place to eat if you want to eat some local food. I didn't know that I can like rice this much 🤣. The lamb is well cooked with good spices. For sure I'll be back.
Lucian Oprea

Al Yemen Mandi

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Great place for Yemeni cuisine food. Food is very tasty, mutton used is good quality, quantity is not very good, seating arrangements are very nice. Service can be improved as it is very difficult to get assistance of somebody during weekends. Kunafa served is one of the best in town. Overall good experience and recommended.👍🏻 … …
Nadeem Dabilkar (Prince Naddy)

Warsan Mandi Restaurant

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Delicious Haneeth & Mandi, Mandi rice was not so tasty compared to many ..still overall it was good.
Thaha Abdul Vahab

Joraif For Mandi Restaurant

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I visited this place couple times , if l crave for Mandi , but sometimes they are excellent in taste, however this place need to be consistent, yesterday l order magbi ( grilled chicken) the chicken is quite dry and the soup is bitter not the usual taste , rice portion is less this time. Service is always fast. Per order 24 dhs ... Try this place aswell.
Jenifer Cordova

Marhaba Mandi Restaurant Al Qusais 2

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Very friendly and helpful staff who are very open to our suggestions. The food also was great. Authentic taste and flavourful Mandi will fill tummy and the heart at the same time. Great customer service has to be specially mentioned . Value for money is another quality that is to be highlighted. I tried beef madfoon, simply delicious…
subahi s

Mandi's Restaurant

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Service 3* Food 4* Vibe 3* We wanted to find a traditional Mandi place in Dubai. this was the nearest one to our hotel. The location is ok and the servers spoke broken English. But the prices for the food you get are great
Omar R.