Best Momos In Dubai

Dubai, a city renowned for its opulence and diverse culinary scene, is a melting pot of flavors from around the world. Among the myriad of international cuisines that call this desert metropolis home, a humble yet incredibly popular dish has carved out its own niche – momos. Hailing from the mountainous regions of Nepal and Tibet, these delectable dumplings have become a beloved street food sensation in Dubai, captivating locals and tourists alike with their irresistible blend of savory fillings and delicate wrappers.

Yalla Momos - Your First Dimsum Joint in UAE

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I’m always on a hunt to find those best typical spicy momos . Recently I tried these delicious momos from Yalla Momos They’ve launched their momo combo boxes in their lunch menu .
Farshad Hussain

MOMO Restaurant

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1st time for me to try however I live here like 5 years ago I tried fried chicken dinner meal , really clean crispy, chicken so white from inside doesn't have any dark spots or blood I really loved it ❤️ 😍
Hajer Elsherbini

Momo & More

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Absolutely amazing food! The adorable little shop that serves the best Afghani Momos. My go-to place, but It would be great if everything mentioned on their menu is available. Totally recommended by me!
Upaasana lamba

Momo Restaurant | Satwa

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Restart is good last time I try beef shawarma last time beef not cook properly staff not coprative.
Bilal Hasan

Muma's Momo's

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Freshly made, not frozen. Very distinctive taste in all kinds of momos, quality sauces, and pretty presentation. The dough keeps the filling right, doesn’t separate, has perfect bite size, and is amazing.
ada konieczny

Dallo MoMo Restaurant

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AMAZING! We have been waiting for really good, really authentic, and really cheap Momo’s in Dubai ever since we travelled to Nepal. They are finally HERE!
James Glass

Darjeeling’s Momo

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Impressive is an understatement. The Food is Tibetan style authentic and their ingredients are fresh. Food is prepared fresh so it takes some time but the taste makes it all worth it - Highly recommended and the owner and staff are totally friendly and accommodating.
Larkin Lewis