Best Pizza In Dubai

Dubai, a city known for its towering skyscrapers, extravagant lifestyle, and diverse culinary scene, has become a global hub for food enthusiasts seeking unique and delectable dining experiences. Among the plethora of gastronomic delights that Dubai offers, the quest for the perfect pizza is one that ignites passion and fervor among locals and visitors alike. From traditional Neapolitan-style pies to inventive fusion creations, the hunt for the best pizza in Dubai is a journey through flavor, culture, and innovation.

LOPO Pizzeria

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GLUTEN FREE! The most beautiful gluten free pizza I ever tested. And you can have it with a nice view as well if you visit them. They do delivery, just unfortunately not to all parts of Dubai. Worth to try - you will fell in love
Milovan Micevic

Motorino Pizzeria

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One of the best pizza I have tried so far in Dubai. The dough is not heavy which gives the pizza the right softness and taste. Location is also very nice, the outdoor space can give you some privacy too.
Luca Amicone

Akiba Dori - d3 Dubai

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Great atmosphere, cool ambiance. Food is amazing, not over seasoned and heavy. But wish we had more tummy room for their well known pizzas! Can’t wait to come back.
jed benitez

Tonda Pizza

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We're Italian and their pasta is absolutely THE BEST you can find in Dubai with HONEST prices. They also are very kind and lovable, the guy who stays at the cashier is a real treasure. I highly recommend you this place, which is located in an elegant palace (index tower). Hope to see you soon!
gaia maria castelli

800PIZZA Marina Promenade - Dubai

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Although the name may sound somewhat generic, this pizza restaurant is the real Italian style pizza that's always nice to have when there are so many other random pizza places around. They make good authentic pizzas, using traditional toppings and combinations, a thin and crispy base and good authentic flavours with a comforting wood fire oven taste.
Adrian M

Rossovivo Artisan Pizza

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Rossovivo is one of the oldest pizzeria in Dubai that serves amazing Neapolitan pizza and it is definitely my favorite pizzeria in Dubai. Their Bufalina is my go-to menu, very simple yet so delicious and fresh. They deliver but you'd enjoy it so much more if you ate your pizza at the restaurant.Service

Freedom Pizza | Dubai Marina | Order Now on

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First time I order here. I created my own pizza. It was a disappointment. Hardly any spinash. Hardly any goat cheese and did not taste like goat cheese to me..the red sauce was very sweet to my taste.. all in all, not the best. On the positive side, fast delivery.
Brahim Ghribi