Best Sushi In Dubai

Tucked away in the heart of Dubai’s bustling metropolis lies a culinary gem that leaves taste buds tingling and sushi enthusiasts craving for more. The city’s vibrant food scene is no stranger to exquisite dining experiences, but when it comes to the art of Japanese cuisine, finding the best sushi is like uncovering a hidden treasure. From traditional sashimi to innovative rolls bursting with flavor, Dubai’s sushi scene offers a tantalizing array of options that cater to both purists and adventurous foodies alike.

99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant Dubai

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My pictures doesn't do any justice to the beautiful food that comes from 99 kitchen. If you go to 99, make sure you meet Chef Ruben and Jose.
China Muñoz

Kanpai Restaurant & Lounge Bar

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We were a group of 6 people for the Friday brunch and we were all very happy with the food and atmosphere. The live DJ was also great. A special shout out regarding the service, the team was very friendly and always attending to us. Thank you for the wonderful time!
Nadeen I

SushiArt - سوشي ارت -

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I like a place, even it's really cold inside for me😆. The service is good and food is fresh, fast cooking. They have tables outside, for evening gathering. Our waiter name was Vince, very satisfied with the service. For sure will come here again! …
Diamond Queen


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100% will visit again. The service was quite fast and the staff was friendly (Some reviews said otherwise about those two things). We ordered a lot of stuff, grilled salmon and tempura shrims were good, shrimp spring rolls were great and sushi was perfect. One of the best I had ever. And it’s also not as expensive as some other restaurants in that area (but keep in mind sushi generals isn’t the cheapest food). Worth every penny!

Origami Sushi Dubai Mall

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New place in dubai mall to enjoy Japanese food. I love the food i tried the other branches and same quality. The potato with beef was so yum. The steak was delicious too. The crab salad is so good. The place is dark and very crowded. I believe they need to add more to the team because people wait for the menu for long time and for the bill.
Khuloud Rashed

Sushi Nations - Latifa Tower

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THE BEST SUSHI EVER! Came to Latifa Tower Branch, which is very well located and close to my Hotel, it was an amazing experience. The Staff were great, the sushi was tasty, and they offered me so many other things. They have this all you can eat buffet for 69 AED which is an amazing deal. All other sushi restaurants in Dubai charge a lot and Sushi Nations surprised me with such an affordable price. Will definitely visit again!
Ivon Nieves

Sumo Sushi & Bento DMC

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Place is relatively small, door was ok, can’t say that it was super but it was acceptable for the price! The service was good and the staff were friendly! As I said the place is small so it was really cold in there, I guess the air conditioning was set to maximum! My friend was with me and he tried the food in this place before and he said it used to be better!
Jalal Hindieh

Miyabi Sushi Media City

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Delicious sushi! Very fresh and they make it right in front of you. They have an amazing all you can eat offer as well every Tuesday for 152 dhs. I highly recommend!
Haneen Haidar

Mori Sushi

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One of the all time favorite sushi restaurant. They give attention to the small details while serving the most traditionally authentic Sushi along with innovative recipes. Nonetheless, you should try their mouthwatering juices that give chock to you tongue buds.
Moamen Almaghraby