Best Syrian Restaurants Dubai

Syrian cuisine is known for its rich flavors and hearty dishes that have gained a loyal following worldwide, including in Dubai. The city is home to a variety of authentic Syrian restaurants that offer a taste of the country’s cuisine. If you’re a fan of Syrian food and looking for the best places to indulge in this cuisine in Dubai, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of the best Syrian restaurants in Dubai. From casual eateries to upscale dining options, these restaurants offer a range of dishes that showcase the unique flavors and aromas of Syrian cuisine. So, if you’re looking for a delicious and authentic dining experience, read on to discover the top Syrian restaurants in Dubai.

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One of a kind Arabian restaurant. Located in the heart of Downtown and in its Main Street, it is 5 minutes walk from the city center. This spot is typical in its forniture and structure, with a stunning view over the Address Downtown.
Marika Sorichetti

Aroos Damascus Restaurant

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one of the best lebanese eateries in town. i go there once every three months and despite the n number of visits, we are never bored of the place. food is fresh and delicious and breads are served straight from the oven. staff is very prompt and vibes are amazing. the place is pocket friendly, too.
Bandana J.

Sahelnom Restaurant

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Very nice place for food, shisha or even tea/coffee. The menu has variety of options for food. Overall, the food tastes good. The. Business bay branch has more options though. The staff are friendly and the service is good.
Laith Haddadin

Toma lounge

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Today we went there for the Friday brunch buffet. I found them over GROUP ON app. This was one of the best experiences in the UAE! The manager, the waiters and even the chef they treated us as kings👑. So welcoming, warm and professional. The food was as if my mother prepared, every taste perfect, delicious, rich taste and choice. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this restaurant to anyone. Really wow wow wow!!!
Tomas Kollár

Al Bait Al Shami Restaurant

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It’s one of the best restaurants in Dubai, the traditional authentic Syrian food. Food is amazingly delicious and of the best quality, good presentation of the food when placed on the table, excellent service, staffs are friendly and very attentive, Good place for dine in, specially when you have a big group the table looks really appetizing with so many different kind of foods on the table, really enjoyed our office get together which we had 2 weeks ago.
Donald Fernandes

Siraj Restaurant

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We were going to Karma Kafe but it was closed so we went to Siraj. Sooo yummy! The shrimp majboos and the meat margooba were delicious! Fattouch is my new fav salad. We also ordered the grilled halloumi (always good) and the beet salad. Overall so good!

al ateeq cafe

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Cafe with choice of meat plates, sandwiches, salads and breakbeats options. Serve Shisha too. Overall, 3* for 1) pan fried (not grilled) chicken tawook and 2) no fish / seafood meat. On a positive side, large portions and good value for money - 85 AED for chicken tawook platter and Arabic salad
Yevgen Sysoyev

Shamiat Restaurant مطعم شاميات - Dubai

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Really one of the best restaurants in Dubai that served Lebanese cuisine food. You can feel that you are eating home made food. The meals really so delicious and appetizers too. The restaurant decoration are very simple and staff were too friendly. Prices were so cheap compared with food quality
Abdulmoez Tahmaz

Dyar Al Sham Restaurant

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Have you tried food so good and generous before? Food here is just amazing and the portions are very very generous! Has a crispy meal it was absolutely delicious and at the same time rich with Syrian style fries! Definitely recommending this place 👍 Oh and staff are very friendly accommodating, keep up the good work 👏 …
Ahmad S