Best Tailor In Dubai

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant city of Dubai, amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets, lies a hidden gem that has been transforming ordinary fabric into works of art for decades. The Best Tailor In Dubai is not just a title, but an accolade earned through years of dedication to the craft and a commitment to excellence. From intricate hand-stitched details to impeccable fittings that seem almost magical in their precision, this tailor has become synonymous with sophistication and style in the fashion capital of the Middle East.

Collars and Cuffs (Mens Bespoke Tailor)

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After doing a lot of research I decided to go with Collars & Cuffs for a tailor-made wedding suite. I immediately felt at ease with the non-pushy, professional and friendly service of Faisal. Every trial was super professional and alterations were done exactly as promised and on time. The suit, its material and the fit is the best I’ve ever had. I can highly recommend this store to friends and family.
Philippe Desplenter

Stallion Bespoke – Downtown Dubai

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  • South Ridge Park – Shop 6 Tower 3 – Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +97144539839

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Service, second to none. A bit more than I expected to pay.
Approx £600 for a tailor made suit, 3-4 fittings in total. They make you feel like a man, and a gentleman for sure, the choice is overwhelming. Whatever you desire they will provide.
Guyver Francis

Suited and Booted Dubai – Bespoke Tailors | Suit Tailors | Wedding Suits

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  • IBRI House – level 1, office 7 – 3 A St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +971569818193
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Bought a jacket and waistcoat from suited and booted.
Excellent service from start to finish. The lads: Ewan, Ryan and Calvin go above and beyond, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with the fit before taking it home. Even with any last minute adjustments that are needed.
They’ve nailed the experience to make it personal and achieving the look you wanted. From the fabric to the style of cut and inner linings.
Ajay Bagga

Tailor in Dubai – SUITS and SHIRTS – Bespoke Gents Tailors, Dubai

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  • Shop 3 – 25 C St – Al Souq Al Kabeer – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +971522180285
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Suits and Shirts is where I got my wedding suit and shirt. They’re beautiful and wellmade. It was completed in less than two weeks, which is incredible. They discuss the customer’s needs in great detail, ensuring that they are met. One thing I can promise you of is that once you contact them, they will make certain you leave completely satisfied.
Gibin George

The Best Tailor

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  • Shop 12, Morocco I12 – International City – Morocco Cluster – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +971586885791

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Amazing service and attention to details.
I do all my alterations, work shirts and suits here and it never takes more than 1 fitting to fit perfect.
Standing true to the name they have
“The Best Tailor”
Quintin van Jaarsveldt

Knights & Lords (Bespoke Tailors in Dubai)

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  • Next Door to Bentley Motors – Knights & Lords, Shop No. 3, Ground Floor, Al Asmawi Building – Sheikh Zayed Rd – Umm Al Sheif – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +9718005644487
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I was looking for a bespoke suit tailor since the time I moved to Dubai and tried a couple of tailors before Knights & Lords. Once I commissioned a suit from the brothers here, I knew that was it! I had found my personal tailors who will be crafting all my suits till the time I am in Dubai and hopefully when I no longer live here as well. These guys are surely the best bespoke tailors and the most genuine people I have ever come across!
Kenneth james

800 Tailor

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  • warehouse 6 6th St – Al Quoz – Al Quoz 3 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +971800824567

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I’ve been using 800 tailor for years, they are truly great at what they do. I’ve altered gowns and a lot of my more valuable pieces with them and they’ve never failed.
Nadia Khoori

Parmar Tailors

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  • 22 25 C St – Al Souq Al Kabeer – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

  • +97143513112

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I had such an great experience with Parmar tailors for my new suit. Everybody was extremely friendly and helpful to determine the styling, cloth, cut, etc. They made sure I had multiple fittings to ensure a comfortable fit. Tailor master is particularly friendly and has a sympathetic ear – he was very patient with me. The team was professional in their approach – now I have a suit that fits like a suit should. Many thanks and see you again soon!
Sarang Kulkarni

Whistle And Flute

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Very skilled, very concientious tailors. I am extremely happy with my new suit. If you are not sure what you want or need, they are very skilled and can help you choose the right option. If you know what you want, even something not usual, they seemed very willing to adjust to (my) needs. (Example, i dont like the typical flap on lower back of suit jacket. They eliminated that for me.). Very fair price. I got two shirts also and i love the craftsmanship and fabric quality/colors. It was a relaxed pace, and no problem to get new suit within the week i was here. I came because of encouragement of a colleague, now i cant wait to come back for more.
Will Tamplin