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Water Wipes

WaterWipes Value Pack ( Pack Of 4 )

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Quick Overview

The Value pack by WaterWipes contains 4 packets of 60 wipes!! Mums and Dads love WaterWipes because they contain 99% Water and a drop of grape fruit seed extract

Sometimes your changing your beautiful babies nappy up to 10 times a day. Imagine then using chemical based wipes up to 70 times a week and locking them up with a nappy! There is no product that you would use that many times, even as an adult.

WaterWipes are great for nappy rash and other sensitive skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, WaterWipes doesn't irritate the skin. Water Wipes are also approved by Allergy UK and are safe to use from birth!

Additional Information

Directions Because WaterWipes is a natural product without the usual preservatives, please use within one month of opening. Store in a cool, dry place. Peel back label. Pull one Wipe at a time, out through the hole. Reseal label after use to keep wipes moist. Dispose of wipe after use. Do not flush. Do not dismantle or cut open the pack. Do not transfer WaterWipes to another container.
Ingredients 99.9% Water and 0.1% Grapefruit Seed Extract
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