Best Garage In Ras Al-Khaimah

Are you searching for the best garage in Ras Al-Khaimah? If you’re facing the challenge of finding a reliable and trustworthy garage to meet your automotive needs, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will address the common problem of locating the top garage in Ras Al-Khaimah and provide you with a comprehensive solution to ensure a seamless car maintenance and repair experience. Get ready to discover the finest establishments in Ras Al-Khaimah that offer top-notch automotive services.

Al Ramlah Garage LLC

Reviews 174

Users Review

Very good experience. They worked fast and did a great job with reasonable prices. Highly recommended.
Armine Hayrikyan


Reviews 127

Users Review

Hi. We had our chevrolet cruze 2013 taken to this place. Engine was replaced for 4800 with WARRANTY to find the best engine that works fine, even if they have to try not only one engine. So, they supposedly tried 3+
Grigoriy Konyukhov

X-One Garage

Reviews 104

Users Review

I really recommend this garage, I've been trying a couple of garages here in Rak with no pleasant experience but I'm so happy I've found this one. Good work, honest and not expensive.
Ada Duque


Reviews 16

Users Review

-Good services and good staff -All maintenance required electrical, mechanical, crash fixing and painting services are good quality -Organized and taking care of my car so satisfied
Abdulla Almarzooqi

One By One Garage

Reviews 19

Users Review

Excellent service! Thank you anwar! Im happy with my new painted car. Looks like brand new lol
Sheena Adrienne

Al Mania Garage

Reviews 7

Users Review

Not recommend
Nour Metwalli

Burj Al Arab Garage

Reviews 41

Users Review

The repair and service I received from Burj Al Arab Garage RAK was excellent. The manner in which they deal with you, the quality of work, was ready all clean when they said... and they even picked up and dropped of the car again on time and with a smile. Highly recommend, and definitely will be using again.
Jason Hull

Alameer garage

Reviews 7

Users Review

People who are working there aren't honest and their work is over priced
Mohamed Alobad

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